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Flavoring Blunts

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by mje3ny, Jun 20, 2013.

  1. Whats going on guys and gals lol that was a weird way to start my first post. I know you can flavor bunts with honey and what not but can you do it with something else that doesn't have sugar because i read that the sugar messes up your lungs. maybe like some sort of juice or fruit like what about if i took orange juice to it let it dry? should i just try it or does anyone know has anyone tried?

  2. UGH!!!!! why doesn't anyone enjoy the sweet natural taste of weed anymore? I say that tobacco has to be flavored cause it tastes like shit.
  3. Oh no i do my man i just like oranges too :)
  4. I roll spliffs but I will smoke a lot
  5. If you want a natural way to flavor your blunts, add tea leaves! You can add some yummy flavors, especially lemon or mint. Personally, I like to smoke my blunts straight but it is definitely a good way to do it.
  6. Aren't blunts flavored usually? Lol
  7. yeah but can you make some like crazy flavor and not all the time.
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    1) Get some good tasting tea you Like2) Take the tea bag 3) Open it and mix it with the weed4) ????5) profitSent from my Prism using Grasscity Forum mobile app
    orange juice has sugar in it as well...
    why not roll a blunt and drink some orange/mango juice while doing so?
  10. buy a flavored blunt wrap
  11. to the people that said to use tea leaves- I tried this once. It DID NOT work. the resulting smoke wash harsh and acrid and did not taste at all like the tea. (but if you put tea in your vaporizer that does work and its awesome) What something smells like normally, doesn't necessarily correlate with how it smells when you light it on fire, because combusting it changes stuff. 
    I have heard of people smoking herbs like sage, lavender, and mint, so you might try mixing those in. 
    what I would suggest for flavoring the blunt wraps, is making a super concentrated tea with your desired herbs/actual tea, soaking them in it, and then letting it dry thoroughly. 
    you could also try using essential oils. that would probably work nicely, just be careful not to use too much. 
  12. NO FLAVAS. But if you want something flavored just get some flavored zig zags. My wife has some type of joint flavoring. Its comes in small dropper.

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