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Flavored Weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by LinkDead56k, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. So my friend just texted me saying that he is getting flavored weed..... Is there such a thing? Or is he getting ripped off? lol.
  2. I hear that if you mix like cola with the water when your watering the plant in tastes like cola when you smoke it, Not sure if its true or not but probablly
  3. lol^^

    and they make drops that make weed taste different. but if he's buying it like that he is getting ripped off because it will weigh more
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    You probably could achieve a flavoring like blueberries or something for example, a week or two before harvest you mix blueberries in with the water and do that a few times allowing the weed to absorb it. You would just have to observe the pH levels and such, since different fruits have different acid levels.

    But anyway, it could also be some artificial tobacco flavoring like this.
    Which is only $2.99 per bottle and you got 400 drops per bottle. So don't let them rip you off trying to double the price of the weed if they are using some cheap artificial flavoring, lol. :rolleyes:
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    flavored,no it must be artificial. if you mix anything, the product isnt going to simply pick up the "taste"

    tasty puff is retarded, would you smoke those chemicals? fuck no, just because its on the product, doesnt mean that its harmfulness to the lungs/brain disappears.
  6. here in nyc thewy got that shit dont buy it most of the time it is shit weed that is sprayed with roach shit then they put tasty puff on it
  7. Yeah bro, he is gettin ripped off. If its that tasty puff shit, it not only weighs it down, it also tastes like ass. Only other "flavoring" I can think of it when you leave an orange peel inside a bag for a night but that doesn't add enough flavor to market it as such.

    Don't get it.
  8. ^ ill be expecting a celebratory 420th post from you soon. ;)
  9. hes gettin ripped dont do it weed wont absorb flavors from watering its flavor can only be altered through genetics, and if hes addin flavor hes gonna jack up the price for it and itll weigh more cuz the flavoring will weigh stuff too and hell charge it as the weed
  10. flavored weed is just a twist dealers use to jack up the price THC is where the money is man go by strain name for instants juicy fruit is considered "dank" when really its flavored mids and will get you no higher then mids will for half the price
  11. I mean there is...


    Strawberry Haze

    Blackberry Kush


    And countless others.
  12. yall never smoked sum dank that taste like fruits or sour candy or sweet? yall missing out they even hav sum that taste and smell like fuel
  13. ^ it tastes like fuel it's cause you spilled some on it. But the taste comes from genetics, so when he say's "flavored" you should ask for the name of the strain. Otherwise the dealer is actually using an additive and in turn is ripping you off in weight.
  14. lol omg thats not flavored weed thats plain weed those flavors come from the strain dufus every strain has a different flavor, smell and high hes talking about flavored weed like has a weird flavor for that kind of weed example takin some sour deisel which smells like fuel and is a bit sour and makin it taste like an apple cuz he doesnt like sour that was a completely hypothetical example but its what were talking about
  15. are you askin if when u smoke u can taste flavors ?
  16. Dude flavor you're own weed. Just get some drops or flavored papers. Most of the time when you're buying flavored weed it's just drops because I think it's too much trouble for the grower to change the taste growing so the dealer puts drops and jacks up the price.
  17. Wow! Thanks for all the replies guys. I will be sure to let him know to pass on shit like that. :)
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    hahaha no. that would completely kill the plant.

    juicy fruit, is indeed quite a dank strain.

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