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  1. Not sure if this is the forum for this but im growing some sour strawberry diesel and gdp is there anything I can do to bring out the strawberry and grape flavor in those plants
  2. Grow organically. Since I switched over to organics my harvest have been more fragrant n flavorful

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  3. I've also read that organics can enhance flovor and smell in plants, but from experience I can say that you can get fantastic results using bottled nutrients or hydro too.......a lot of it is in the genetics and the growing conditions.   Some phenos of "flavoured" strains may exhibit the desired flavor while others may not.....other factors such as temperatures, light, stress, and ripeness also come into play.    Last grow I had some C99 and Bubblegummer in my room....the C99 came out absolutely reeking like pineapple and has an amazing pinepple taste too, while the Bubblegummer came out skunky with no bubblegum taste.  
  4. Grow either strain till you got it mastered. Pretty much the best way to max out a strain Imho.
  5. Clone a bunch of regs and find the female with the flavor you want
  6. You have a couple options:
    1. Feed you plants with unsulfured molasses last weeks before flush for enhanced levels of sweetness and trichome production before harvest.
    2. Buy general hydroponics flavored sweeteners or botanicares sweet products, many flavors.
  7. Some of my research on this matter has brought up the act of adding concentrated fruit derivatives such as strawberry essence etc, and even oj or apple juice, etc. The methods I have read about suggest drying your plant out pre harvest, and adding your flavoring agent A few hours before harvest as it doesn't take long for the plants to take up the water, and due to the sugars, anything longer could end up doing more damage than good. I am in no way recommending this practice, just stating what I have read. Do a lil research online, lots of info on it out there.

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  8. No chemicals and keep it healthy whole time.

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  9. Oh yeah. Also cure up to 6 mounths.

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  10. there's a reason why they call them phenotypes. Even though you bought strawberry seeds, some may have the strawberry pheno where the next seed from the same exact batch might have a more peach flavored pheno. It all depends on how stable the genetics are and even with extremely stable genetics you'all still get a decent variety of phenotypes. Especially in hybrids which all most every flavored plant is.

    It's Just like genetics in people. Your mother and father may be really tall and you might end up being short because one of your grandparents were short and you inherited the short gene. Now just take that example and change height with flavor. So until seed companies start genetically modifying seed that only contain the genes they want in it it'll be a luck of the draw.

    Research the way genes are passed and you'll begin understanding phenotypes
  11. healthy beneficial counts have been known to increase terpenoid production in plants, this is why organically grown fruits and vegetables taste and smell better.
    also studies with UV rays have been know to enhance terpenoids.
    terpinoids are the organic chemicals that give aromas and taste to plants, also give medicinal values to plants, such as lavender used to treat anxiety, and so forth
  12. "2. Buy general hydroponics flavored sweeteners or botanicares sweet products, many flavors."

    Good Lord...

  13. beat me to it jerr, I was about to comment on that...
    OP, please don't listen to any suggestion saying you should give your pot fruit juice.
  14. oh, and to answer OP's question, eh, use a bong.
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    Find a good strain and pheno with good flavor, grow it well. Thats most the battle ive grown incredibly dank tasting buds organically and synthetically and noticed really no diff on taste. The genetics are key.
  16. Here is my advise...
    A proper flush/harvest time.... And never let temperature rise above 78(personally never 75 for myself).
    How do you figure that if the temps get above 78 degrees it will affect taste? I can understand if some buds get scorched but otherwise 80 - 85 seems like it wouldn't matter. Thoughts?
  18. Some of the more volatile terpenes are vaporized at as little as 80degrees. In my experience these low combustion terpenes are responsible for some of the most pungent smells.
    Interesting... my plants have been at over 80s in the room, but they are not flowering yet. Do you think that will affect them? If this is true I will have to make sure the temps are a bit lower through flower.
  20. Does not affect veg plants, and in actuality higher temps during veg increase plant growth.
    Best practiced around 3rd week of 12/12, or whenever your plant amps up resin production. Just a friendly reminder not to ever go lower then 68degrees, as that is when I see a notable difference in growth rates.

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