Flashing Lights In RearView Mirror

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Motoxridah, Jun 3, 2006.

  1. I work at the movie theatre and always smoke in the busy parking lot on my breaks because I use my vaporizer and I have tinted windows so it's very hard to see what i'm doing with just a tiny tube in my mouth. Anyways, I was smoking tonight about 6pm and after about the 4th bowl I had to go back so I just exhaled the last bowl and blew it out the window. As I turned off the vape I hear a siren and look in my rear view mirror and see a cop racing up from behind with his red lights on and honking his horn. My heart stopped and I got completely sober but knew I was going to be fucked. Well he stops behind me, waits a few seconds, then shoots left and races to the other end of the parking lot. I nearly shit myself it was so scary. I need to second guess where i'm going to be smoking from now on.... this was definately a wake up call.

    P.S. It wouldnt look good especially since I have already been charged twice for MIP when I was under 18. I still need to get my record sealed...
  2. Close shit man.
  3. My shit got closed back when I turned 17.
  4. Just dont smoke in public man, such a dumb thing to do if you arent using joints that look like cigs...

  5. if you had two MIP's when you were under 18 they shouldnt be on your record anymore since your over 18 now right?
  6. Blue lights are definitely a buzzkill

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