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  1. What's your opinions on flannel shirts for guys? I hear a lot of things, they make u look queer or scene.. also hear that girls like guys in flannel shirts..

    so just wanna know your opinion
  2. I wear flannel sometimes. its really comfortable. And you don't have to worry about wrinkles. But I sure as hell don't do it for anyone else.

    who gives a flying fuck.
  3. Lumberjacks wear flannel. So do scene kids.

    We call that "Universal Fashion"

    JK I just made that up.

    Nothin wrong with a flannel shirt, duderino.
  4. I assisted lumberjacks in the fall a year or two ago... They gave me my certification to wear flannel.
  5. Wtf I thought this would be an appreciation thread..Fuck that,I don't gotta prove shit to anyone to wear what I want.It's cold here in the North-East.Of xourse I'm gonna wear flannel...
  6. Haha wearing a flannel shirt right now, Girls seem to dig it and ive gotten a few compliments about it too.
  7. flannel shirt and jeans is fresh, no doubt about it.
  8. dickies and flannel FTW

    keepin' it cholo:laughing:
  9. alright, gonna rock some vans, flannel, and jeans tomorrow,

    hopefully it suits me, i dont usually wear flannel
  10. IDK but I like Flannel shirts on guys and girls
    something about it looks sexiee to mee :smoke:
  11. i love the look - guy with white tshirt or singlet on, and his choice of flannel over the top, but with the top and first 3 buttons done up, the rest left undone (; sexy

    i wear just a flannel to bed when its cold with underpants on :) lol
  12. flannels are my shit get at me

  13. haha most times I wear a flannel Its the opposite, do the bottom buttons up and have a few at the top undone. Not gonna lie I think that second part of your post is hot lol
  14. yeeaah, wore that shit, everyone liked it, looked fresh as fuck haha :)
  15. you must let use this for my sig. ;)
  16. negative 18 weather?

    ITS FLANNEL SHIRT TIME! (said like Pauly D)
  17. I love flannels I used to wear them all the time in hs then EVERYONE started wearing so I don't wear them as often.
  18. It really depends. You can have the casual laid back flannel that has a nice pattern that isn't too over the top and has muted colors that work well

    or the bro flannel with bright ass reds, purples, yellows, and just ridiculous color schemes and patterns that make you look like a tool.

    there is a difference. The first example is the kind of flannel I wear.
  19. I always wear flannels :) Hate the short sleeve ones though, so always longsleeve, and always in fall/winter. Makes you look more classy lol.

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