Flag burning

Discussion in 'General' started by danteD, May 14, 2010.

  1. I know it is legal to burn a US flag under the 1st amendment, but do any of you know if it is legal if you live on a military base? If it is legal I am sure it would still result in a severe ass whooping, but it is something I have always contemplated. Sitting back in the sun, listening to some Rage Against the Machine, sipping on cold beer, all while roasting some wieners over the flag.
  2. why would you want to burn the flag?
  3. its probably legal but it will probably be a VERY long day for you
  4. Yea dude, why burn it?

    on base, they could claim it was "posing a danger to others" and tackle/mase your ass
  5. i could care less about burning the flag
    but why would i waste money on a flag in the first place?
  6. Cool?

    I can understand someone not likin the people in charge of our country, but why hate the country as a whole?

    Ive lived in some pretty shitty conditions and i still wouldent rather live anywhere else.
  7. This thread gets 2 thumbs down (-see thats the wrong way to do it, because I like the threads post but not the ops post sooo..

    The op gets two thumbs down (correct way to say it) see don't hate as a whole
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  9. I'm sure if you did that on a military base you'd have a couple dozen foots up your ass.
  10. oh! i get its supposed to be feet :hide: :smoking:
  11. Anyways, yeah. Why would you do that there out of all places? That's asking for trouble.

    Actually, why would you do that in general? Use that fire to burn some weed.
  12. The flag doesn't mean shit to me, if I saw you there, it wouldn't even bother me :smoke:
  13. I don't hate the US as a whole. We have basically reverted into what we once escaped from (Britain prior to 1776). I don't like flags, all they do is set up barriers between people. All flags do is make people: more suspicious of one another, question their integrity and intelligence. I would take a bullet for the Constitution any day, that is sacred to me. When you enlist in the military you take an oath of enlistment and I strongly believe in this phrase:

    I, (name), do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic

    If I don't do anything to defend the constitution against domestic enemies, then i am breaking my word. Flag burning usually catches peoples attention and I thought it would be a good jumping off point.
  14. Burning the Stars and Stripes on a military base is quite a statement, whether or not you're really trying to make one.
  15. /thread
  16. That'd be a dope ass cd cover
  17. Yeah, Id probably have to put my "foots" up your ass if you burned our flag near me. And i bet not one police officer would even think about arresting me.

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