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FLA Dank Pickups and other stuff (Picture Dump)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Synthos420, May 18, 2010.

  1. High blades!
    I previously had used a cell phone camera to take some of my pictures, as you can imagine they didn't come out too well. Well I borrowed a friends camera and took some epic bud porn, and then smoked a lot of it :smoking:

    Probably just going to dump pictures here whenever I throw them on the computer.
    So, here's some old pics with comments I had posted at the time, again remember it was cell phone quality lol...

    First off, that's some of the Trainwreck I got from an old friend about 2 weeks ago. I hadn't seen him in a couple years and it was a hell of a suprise. It's gone now, but if you asked me to give you a full smoke report, I could still do it. Lol.

    I know I'll get shit for smoking these, but I fuckin love them. Left to right, Peach Frenzy, Melon Burst, Apple Blitz, and BLUE JUJU!!!!!

    This was a 3/4 oz or so of some daaaaaank ass homegrown my buddy grew one time. Shit put me on my ass for about 2 hours. He told me it was AK47 crossed with some good old Florida Citrus, either way, Im not complaining.


    QP of WW.


    My friend around the corner called me and told me he wanted to try what I was smokin' on, as we usually do this and exchange rips in the bong to try each others weed out. So while I was waiting for him to get home I snapped a few pictures of the sack and some buds in natural light.

    I threw a couple nugs in a bag and took a ride over to his house. He greeted me with a crystal clear Roor 100 Rasta Edition. :D We smoked 3 or 4 bowls of each other's weed (btw I must recommend "Goose - No Seeds"). He had some weird but regular Florida chronic, which is nothing to complain about. Snapped these pics after a few bowls.

    ...Ok. Now for the new pics.

    Mango Diesel (Mango ?? x Sour Diesel)
    Got an O of it from a personal friend who grows. These pics were taken next to the window (natural lighting):
    These pictures were taken indoors:
    And then we smoked :D but unfortunately we were too concerned with smoking we didnt get a chance to take any pictures, lol. I made a video alone at like 3am though, so I got kinda tired and just threw the pics up on here so I could sleep lol.

    Appreciate the comments! More pics on my next pickup.
  2. That looks like some nice sheeeeet, the last lot is nice and crystally nom nom
  3. nice trees! i live in broward county too...
  4. Thanks guys. Yea the last pics are a lot nicer than the cell phone pics lol. And Broward is the shit man, there's dank errwhere.
  5. fucking amazing nice dude!
    thats how we do it in FL baby

    we do it dank and we do it big
    good shit op
  7. Thanks guys, repped for your good vibes :smoke:
  8. #8 Synthos420, May 19, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: May 19, 2010
    Okay so now I have a chance to actually post a message while smoking and such, so I can give a general smoke report, and I think I figured out the ??? in the Mango.

    Actually I'm gonna go in depth cause I got time lol.

    Grade: A

    Genetics: Sativa Dominant Indica Hybrid. (Sour Diesel x Mango KUSH)

    Price: 275/o

    Looks: Pale green buds, some orange tints thrown in. Orange and yellow hairs all through ought the buds, as well as popping out of the plentiful swollen calyxes :D Deep dark green leaves all over except on the top of big nugs where there was very tiny hints of purple on the stubby leaves, but almost unnoticeable past the cloudy trichromes dusted all over them.

    Smell: Incredibly strong. I got it in 2 foodsavers, one inside the other. I cut the first one open and it just reaked. I didnt want to open the actual bag in that room cause it would have smelled too bad so I left that room, ended up comming back late at night and it still smelled pretty strongly. It reminds me of the smell of rum mixed in with a sweet musky pungent type of smell.

    Taste: Sour and spicy while smoking, it kind of just surrounds the inside of your mouth. Then it leaves a citrus aftertaste in your mouth for about 20 minutes.

    Buzz Type: Very euphoric. Only slightly a creeper buzz, it kind of hits you a few minutes after you smoke, but like a train. It pretty much effects your entire body, a great cerebral high that just pours into the rest of your body. Complete couchlock stone, but at the same time you're giggly and you can get up and do anything you need to do. Start relaxing and the fun begins lol.

    Buzz Length: Long - 2+ hours

    Overall: Great bud, it's up there on the top 10 that I prefer, but nowhere past 5. I would recommend anyone who can find a legit cross of these two strains to do so, you'll be extremely pleased :smoke::smoke::smoke:
  9. Very nice mate, sounds like a tasty combo
  10. For sure man, thanks lol. :smoke:
  11. [​IMG]

    Pictures from my session before my T-break :D
  12. Hell yea! I have those same zig zag foil packs one of each kind haha. I thought they were to cool to throw away hahahaaaaaaaaaaa
  13. im back to this thread just cause the bud looks so fucking good
    and you smoke it in blunts? your the muthafukn man
  14. dank as fuck! nice pickups man i know someone who grows im hoping he'll swing some grams my way free of charge/discount :)
  15. Thanks for the good vibes guys. And yea fuck the haters.

    Unfortunately, I wont be living in FL much longer. 2-3 months and I'll be in Cali. Florida will always be my home though, lol.

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