Fkin Cops, Really Out Of Place !!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by chicken, May 14, 2006.

  1. these 3 highway patrol cars were monitorring the ''park'' to a local swimming hole here... its a state park. dont these jerkoffs know that there aint noone down there speeding????
    id had no beef it the state park ranger come down there,,, thats his place of work,, [ to monitor the park,,,]

    they all 3 converged on these fellows,,, and we took advantage of thier backs being turned, and left.. assholes ruined it 4 us,, there was some nice ass out there,,, and i was just getting ready to go out of the swing... it throws you about 30 ft. over the water,,,, what a bunch of out of place prick COPS!!!!
  2. sup chicken,

    one thing that i know that irritates that living hell out of cops is this. when they are all parked together monitoring a location (you know, like on your territory and shit) go out and stand like 50' away from them w/a camera and just start taking pictures of them while you are talking on a cell phone.

    i did that once and they got really upset.
  3. i naturally looked suspisous just by the '' loud'', company i had with me.

    lets just say , we left there and went deeper, in the woods, and found a secluded spot.

    and then it was on for sure.... the only people we saw was canoers. usually tourists, ill yell to them '' hey did youll see that big alligator, thats swimming a little ahead of you ???''

    most of the time the '' oh shit '' look goes thru all the faces of the conoers. its hard for me to keep a straight face.

    theyll float down a little and you can hear them calling to each other'' you see anything there rick, no nothing here, how about you steve,you see anything??? e.t.c.

    youll never guess how many times that senario has played itself out, [ i go to the river a lot] soon as they round a bend,,,, we all laugh our asses OFF !!!!!!!

    heres a pit of one of the fellows i was with,,, were not a clean crowd, we drink beer and raise HELL

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  4. that guy has one leg,,, thats his 60 yr. old hickory stick cane.

    it has a hole drilled in it,,, and you see the '' black'' part of the bowl damn thing smokes good, and its easy to pass a great distance,, it being 3 ft long

    we stick a roach in the stem part and itll suck it till its ''all'' gone....

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