Discussion in 'General' started by mercury, Apr 29, 2004.

  1. Yeah.. my night went like this

    9:30- cut 3 vicadon into 1/2's and popped em

    10:15- Vicadon start to kick in, 1.5 shots everclear + 1 cup orange juice (sipped slowly) finished.

    i am feelin good and numb right now slightly drunk but the alcohol really kicks the pain killers in... yup thought id post.

    only drinking/poppin pills cause i have a ua in 2 weeks and havent smoked for toooooo long!
  2. Hey right on mercury, I popped a bunch of hydro's myself. dont have any booze thu, but Ive been blazing like a motherfucker...

  3. Yo..I'm fucked as shit! I just hot boxed while smoking like 4-5 joints and a bluntt. I'm so fucked up!
  4. orange juice make it worse....the hydrocodone doesn't absorb as well. The orange juice thing has gotten people confused (usually, you're supposed to take orange juice if u want to end a trip...even tho that's most likely a myth too, but hey placebo works... - i know people that drink it to get more high :D)

    that probably didn't make sense but i'm high and just woke up
  5. actually, orange juice intensifies the trip...

  6. yea. orange juice intensifies it, cranberry kills it. supposedly anyways. not sure if its completely true
  7. i liked the word "Fizzucked".
  8. actually i wasnt tripping, and orange juice doesnt have anything to do with the effect of opiates :)

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