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    After doing my first grow with Trainwreck I've realised that I am not utilising my grow room to its full potential, I want to change the setup to maximize my yield in the fastest time possible. I need some ideas on how doing so. Maybe dividing the closet?

    60 inch lenght, 22 inch width, 96 inch
    The closet has been painted a relfective white.

    - Lights: 250W MH/HPS
    - Ballast: 250W Lumatek Digital Ballast - 120V
    - Reflector: Yield Master II Classic Reflector - 6"
    - Pulleys: Grow Yoyo Light Hanging System
    - Fan: Has not been found yet
    - Timer: Power Bar With Timer
    - Power Bar: Power Bar With Timer
    - Seeds: Green House Seeds Co. TRAIN WRECK
    - Lightproof Material: Black/White Polyester

    I was thinking maybe to start doing SCROG or maybe seperate the closet in 2 and have clones? Tell me what your ideas are. The sliding doors make it harder to access the closet kinda.


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  2. If you put in a lightproof shelf, and divided the bottom into two sections, you could use one of those lower sections as a mother room under cfls, the other as a clone room. Then you could flower up top with your hps and have a sea of green going! It seems like you have plenty of height there for this setup, as long as you keep everything short.

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