Fix car or sell it to junk for $

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  1. I have a Honda prelude '01 base model with side damage/dent and rust and a major transmission issue. It also leaks oil from the manifold and timing belt and oil pan. My clutch won't work, my car won't even take off without heavy shaking and violent jerking. I cannot put it into gear. I know it'll take over 1000 to fix major issues.

    Should I sell this car to a pick and pull junk yard for couple hundred, and buy a used car and finance it, or fix it?
    I also have a 91 corolla, runs okay but due for maintenance. Should I just fix up one of these car or buy another used car with the cash I can get for both cars?
  2. I always feel like you're better off with something that you know. Is the Corolla basically a good runner? If so I would look into parting out the Honda and use that money to get the Corolla up and running. You may find that you can Craig's list the Honda for parts and get a lot more than selling it to pull and pay, and whatever's left can still be sold to the junkman.
    As far as selling both and buying another pos...stick with what you have......
  3. How far have you clocked on it?
  4. 185k both
  5. Yeah not worth putting money into a car that old then imo, something else could go wrong weeks later.
  6. yeah scrap that shit
  7. Put that sucker on Craigslist and say that you are parting it out. People are always wanting Honda parts, and there are still a lot of useful parts left. Guartee you will make more than scrapping it. Does it have the stock blade looking rims? If so those can be worth around $200 on a good day.
  8. Yeah.

    But for a $4000 budget, how do I go buy a car with less than 150k in good condition? Maybe I should fix it up for now and swap a new engine later on.
    Maybe lease a cheap new car?
  9. Just get another civic/323/excel/laser econobox, reliability is luck of the draw
  10. You can get lucky from time to time and find a nice car with decent miles for that price. Only thing is you cant really be in the market for another Prelude/Civic/Integra/240sx, too many people being rough on them makes it hard to find a nice one for cheap. Id probably keep the Corolla and use some of the cash to fix it up a bit and make it a nice daily driver, or start the search for a nice used car that has not been ragged on.
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    The corolla is so old and raggy.

    Thinking of buying a ford forester for 3k. But it's from pick & pull so its salvaged
  12. Ah, didnt know it was that bad just figured it needed a tune up. Are you into any particular type of car?
  13. Honda & BMW
  14. I dont know anything about older BMW's so I cant help on that one. If you want to look for a Honda make sure you try and find one that has been taken care of. Make sure it has the original motor, or if it has a swap or new motor make sure it has paperwork on the engine or dont buy it. Also check for basic stuff rust, repaired front end or rear end damage and stuff like that. You might get lucky and find an older owner that bought it new and is now selling it.
  15. You have a running Corrola, run it till it dies and then move on. Scrap the Honda and drive the Toyota. You may be pleasantly surprised by how many miles are left in that car. I have over 260K on my Toyota and it is showing no signs of throwing in the towel.
  16. 185K? Surely the Toyota has more in her to give. In my experience, those cars are hard to kill.

    That in mind, an old car is still an old car. You could put some money into it, but either one is just going to have another problem next week. Vehicles are money pits, all take and no give. I'd say stick with what you've got until you're ready to make a real investment.
  17. Someone's giving me a free 1996 Toyota rav4 still in good condition. I'm thinking of scraping both the corolla and the prelude to replace some parts on the rav4 and possibly get sport tires so I can take it snowboarding
  18. Try and part out that prelude man! Or at least yank some good parts off before you scrap it. If you dont want to have to tear it all apart I feel ya. Sounds like a good plan.
  19. I really don't know where to start scrapping my prelude. I want to keep it but 185k mileage is too high. I was looking at it today with remorse. I love my prelude but 185k is too much to rebuild.
  20. 185k isnt too bad, I have seen many cars get rebuilt at over 200k but a good amount of money was put in to them. For 3 or 4 grand Id say you could get it in good shape again. Most H22-H23 Motors will run you about 2-3 grand. If you want to part it out, throw a add on craigslist saying it is available for part out and state that the parts must be removed by the buyer. If you want to scrap it find your local scrap yard tow it down there and bring the title.

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