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Five Letters

Discussion in 'General' started by JustListen, May 11, 2010.

  1. National Women's Naughty Warehouse -- Lubricated! ;)

    T H R K
  2. Two Honeys Robbing Kilos

    S F J S A
  3. Sexy Females Just Say Aah ;)

    M F C A M
  4. My Favorite Chicken Ate Mom

    I J W K E
  5. I joke with korean emigrants.

  6. Uhh Yea, Zebras Fuck Off

    O W R E H
  7. O W R E H

    Ovary Wrinkles Ruin Everything, Hank.

    M G P W Z
  8. My God pisses white zinfandel.

    R I G H T
  9. Raging Indians Gave Harold Typhus

    G U Y I L
  10. Gettin' under you, imposing love ;).

    G S Q U F

  11. Greatly seduced, Quasimoto urged facials.

    H Y O F P
  12. Hypnotized youth Olson fought police

    O P W C M
  13. Ostentatious Peasants Wore Camouflage Moccasins

    H J U I W
  14. Helen Juiced Uncle Isaac's Willy.

    Y N G F T
  15. Your not getting fucked tonight.

    J Z L M K
  16. jailed zoo lions may kill.

    F H C T P
  17. Fucking Haitians crapping their pants.

    M R L J W

  18. Master roshi loved juicin' womenz

    T R Y M E
  19. Tim Really Yanks Me

    E A Z Y E
  20. oh my god this is the funniest thread ever hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

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