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  1. okay, this is a little game, it's easy...I've picked five letters...and I've listed them. The next person has to make a sentence using just the five letters. Like this...

    B M M H T

    Begging me, Make Hash Tonight

    then leave your five letters...

    G S K I Z ;)
  2. go smack kids illegally, zing!

    V O O P T
  3. good strong kush incites zootedness.

    N U C K A
  4. Naked umpires can't kill animals.

    P I I T B
  5. poetry is in the brain

    S S K T C
  6. Sexy sluts kiss the cock.

    A B C D E
  7. Awful beers can depress everybody

    L S M F T
  8. Lets smash more fucking turtles!

    S J W Y V
  9. Syphilis Joe Washed Yasmin's Vagina

    I T G W B
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  10. I thought Greg was black. :confused:

    A I D S S
  11. And, its deathly silent....sweet.

    P O O P Y
  12. Peter Ordered Olivia Pay Yearly

    H I D K X

  13. He is doing kid's x-rays

    M D P O E
  14. Men dont practice on erections

    F V R I K
  15. Festering Venereal Recesses In Karen

    I H O P S

  16. i have octagon penis syndrome

  17. KOALA

    Kristen Opened All Labia Awkwardly

    N G P O P
  18. Never Grope Penguins Or Pandas

    L L O L L
  19. LLOLL

    Licking Luscious Orbs Like Lollipops

    H G W I Z

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