five hps 6oo's or four hps 1000's?

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  1. Which do you think would be better? i know the 600's would cover the same area and use less juice 3000 watts compared to 4000 watts, but i think the yield and quality would not be as good as if i did the four 1000's. but i also think it would be easier to keep my room cooler running the five 600's instead of the four 1000's. so what do you guys think Five 600 watt hps VS Four 1000 watt hps lets hear some pros and cons.

    PS: im doing a 8X8 area 6" vortek fan for intake, 8" vortek hookup up to Carbon filter (big one) for outtake and another 6" vortek that will be aircooling the five 600's or the four 1000's that will just be cycling air from the room it wont be hook up to any in or out vents. Anyway i cant make up my mind so i thought i would see what GC had to say. the ballast have to be ran on 220 so any suggestion on some good ballasts that can be ran off of 220. sorry i got a little carried away on this whole ps thing but i just thought of that last question just now.
  2. ive heard and read many times that 600w are the most effeceint. and the more light sources you have teh better.

  3. I've heard the same.

    A 1000w is around 150,000 lumens. so X's 4 that's 600,000

    600w is 95,000 - 105,000 depending on the bulb. so thats 570,000 - 630,000 and you are using 400w less
    Thought you were using 6 600w. I took my contacts out. and I'm really high.
  4. i have heard that too, but all my friends swar by the 1000. but i did notice that the hotalux 600 bulb cost more than the 1000 so it does make you wonder.
  5. I have a 1000w. I wish I would have went with 2 600's instead. I would have gotten 50,000 + lumens for just a 200w addition.

    I saw a set up that had 3 600w surrounding a 1000w. The 1000w was only turned on in the middle of the light cycle for 4 hours to represent the midday sun.

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