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Discussion in 'General' started by cuatro veinte, Jul 25, 2007.

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  1. How goes it, Blades? Yes well I\'m sitting here listening to some good \'ol Choking Victim. The song \"Five Finger Discount\" is one of my favorites due to the message of it. I can relate a lot to this song because very often I find myself going into a store and coming out with a few items I found \"on sale\".:rolleyes:

    Now, I personally don\'t feel bad for shoplifting. I\'ve always seen it as my duty. Prices aren\'t exactly fair to me.

    What do you guys think? Would you rather pay for your products with your hard-earned money? Please don\'t flame me because you don\'t agree with my actions. Peace
  2. It depends on who you rob, really. Shoplifting from a small business is horrible and could well be devastating to someone trying to make an honest living. Large corporations, however, typically have nothing on shiplifters when it comes to unethical actions.
  3. Stealing is wrong.
  4. When I was hmm... about 14 I used to steal and had the same exact perspective on it as you do now... man was I nieve...
  5. Uh what? So just bc you think it\'s okay to steal makes it acceptable?
  6. two wrongs don\'t make a right;)
  7. Who do you think deals the bad to people who deserve it? Someones gotta do it...not everyone can pray every night and say please and thankyou

    That big business has to take its hits somewhere and whos gonna do it...a dog? a tree? No...a person has to do it

    Right or wrong hitting a major company where it hurts for trying to rip people off is more then fine in my book

    However I dont approve of stealing from (like said above) mom and pop type shops where its not some jerkoff sitting on a yacht while those low on cash need stuff thats waaaay over priced...just cause he can do it

    I also dont approve of stealing things fairly priced...just cause it fits in my pocket doesnt mean I should take it

    In the end its a PERSON who has to teach the \"bad guys\" a lesson cause no one else is gonna do our methods or not its because of us hitting their pockets that make them think twice
  8. two wrongs might not make a right but it can change the world 180 degrees. i personaly after workin in large corperations and see the cost of items they recieve and their final sale price is disgusting. some times they mark up items up to 1000% its a joke. i take what i can from them but i agree. mom and pop stores deserve my money i would never steal from them.
  9. so. You\'re an anarchist?

  10. Exactly...these companies are trying to rob us and some of you dont even see it...cause their sneaky about it and your to blind to see it

    Open your eyes the world isent full of candy and pixie dust

    Keep that 10 year old everyones my buddy attitude and your gonna get fucked....because those who are stronger are gonna prey on that and walk all over you

    (post not directed towards Rhythm of Life ofcourse)
  11. That does not mean you can take the law into your own hands:rolleyes:
  12. I\'ve only stolen one thing in my life and it was when I was like 6 years old... My mom told me I couldn\'t have this little chocolate egg thing so I just stuck it in my pocket and when I got home it was all melted... Lol I\'ve never stolen since and don\'t plan to! :)

  13. No...not by any means

    Im not into the whole \"against the man\" thing but I dont know enough about all that to give a real opinion

    It would be like me tellin you about growing...dont know shit about it lol

    All I know is that thing that cost him about 8 cents to make and maybe..just maybe 10 cents in labor to make and have shipped over due the fact he/she does it in such large bulk then tries to sell it to me for $20....

    For example I went to the mall yesterday and the hats at pacsun were $#5-$55 dollars

    I didnt take any cause I dont just steal everything I want thats over priced but honestly....$50 for a hat..first of all you gotta be dumb to buy that in the first place but by pricing it like that your not only trying to rip me off but the people who are dumb enough to go for it

    Im by no means an anarchist thats not my thing but I dont feel bad for costing that rich jackass who tries screwing me over an amount of money he wont even hear about.....when it means I get groceries that week

    Sorry if any of these posts came off strong I just have big issues when I see a piece of crap keychain priced at $12.99 just because they can
  14. Stealing is VERY uncool blades.....

    Do not make any more threads like this.

    *thread closed*

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