Five facing charges for throwing marijuana ball into Florence Crane

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  1. By Don Reid-The Reporter
    Coldwater -- Three state prisoners, a probationer and a girlfriend face felony charges, after a plan to bring marijuana into a local prison went wrong on Feb. 8.

    Guards at Florence Crane Correctional Facility in Coldwater discovered marijuana -- hidden in a softball -- thrown over the fence into the recreational area. A subsequent investigation by prison officials and Det. Sgt. James Karbon of the Coldwater post of the Michigan State Police unraveled the plot.

    Charged with introduction of controlled substances and conspiracy to introduce contraband into a prison -- both charges are five-year felonies -- were prisoner Mark Panky, 28, his girlfriend Tamara Stephens, 28, of Oakland County, and a state prisoner, serving time at the Oakland County Probation Center, David Gaval, 19.

    Two other prisoners were charged with conspiracy to introduce drugs into a prison, a five-year felony. They are Arnett "Hollywood" Jones, III, 27, and Terry Berlin, 29.

    A preliminary examination for all five charged has been set for May 11. Panky, Jones and Berlin were transferred to higher security facilities. Gaval is facing charges in Oakland County, where he is being jailed.

    Stephens was arrested earlier and is on a $10,000, 10 percent bond. Reports indicate she went to visit Panky and concocted the scheme with the others to get marijuana into the facility. Gaval came to Coldwater with her and reportedly threw the pitch.

    Gaval had been living at the Oakland half-way facility, after he was sentenced last June to 18 months for armed assault.

    Panky was serving one to 20 years on a 2002 sentence for delivery of marijuana from Oakland County. He had just finished a six-year sentence for malicious destruction of property, assault with intent to cause serious bodily harm and related assault charges. He had been released from prison in 2002.

    Jones was sent to prison from Kalamazoo for one to 15 years for second degree criminal sexual conduct (CSC) with injury in 1999. He had been free until he failed to register as a sex offender in 2000 and was sent to prison to serve the full sentence.

    Terry Berlin, 29, is serving 10 to 40 years for first degree CSC. He was sentenced in 2001 in Oakland County. He also has conviction for 14 breaking and enterings and one charge of home invasion.

    Any conviction for the new charges would be added at the end of current sentences.
  2. It seems to me that all of these people with violent or destructive criminal records have been somewhat rehabilitated if all they did was throw a half a pound of herb over a fence.

    I mean what harm could be caused by a bunch of prisoners catching a nice buzz together.
    In fact I would say the world would have been a better place if the whole prison were to have compt a buzz.

    Peace and a nice high to all!
  3. What harm is gonna happen if the prioners get stoned? NOTHING
  4. ^ potential black market.. money = power

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