Five days of fucked-up-edness

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  1. I went up to the coast with a mate for a few days for schoolies this week. we were pretty fucked up the entire week and thought i would share some funny moments.

    Me and my mate are drunk, stoned and tripping balls and paddling a tiny ass inflatable boat across a river near the beach, when we realize that i left my new $300 phone in the boat. We somehow make it to the other side and stumble out of the boat, shirtless, bleeding and with my feet wrapped in cling wrap. "you guys want some vodka?" i ask some nearby beachgoers. we're in conversation with them for a bit and the one dude there is saying we can't have plastic on the beach, so i explain that "i'm a professional hobo wrapper bro.. i been doing this shit since i was eight and five.. or five and eight"

    we drag our boat down the beach, and then shit got really funny. the dude runs up behind me and slaps the wet cling wrap we've been dropping on my back. i turn around and stare at him, the convo went like this

    "you can't litter plastic here, i live up there this is my backyard"
    "what the fuck. are you serious? this dude OWNS THE FUCKING BEACH"
    "i'm a marine researcher and i care for turtles and your plastic will kill them"

    at that point it just got too fucking funny and me and my mate are laughing our asses off at what a faggot the dude was and just how fucking random the whole situation was. i swear the dude thought he could fight me or something, he was acting up for the chicks for sure.

    anyway maybe it was just how fucked up we were, but i found that incredibly hilarious. and there were so many other great moments, i wish i could do the whole thing again. obviously i shouldn't have dropped the plastic, but shit like that doesn't matter to anyone as fucked up as that.

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