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  1. I will edit and add more to this later.
    Alright, I'm making this for people who want to burn fat. Anyone already in shape trying to build muscle, this isn't 100% for you. 
    Now I know I am nowhere near in shape like I used to be, and you're probably thinking, why the fuck should I listen to this fat ass? Because bitch I'm here to help. Now check it.
    The four things needed to lose weight and get in shape are:
    1.) Nutrition
    2.) Commitment
    3.) Exercise
    4.) Multivitamin
    What to avoid:
    Carbs. That includes pasta, rice, bread ( wheat is ok) 
    Pork - bacon ham etc.
    munchies - chips cookies sweets you know the deal.
    Juice, soda, ALCOHOL (big no-no unless you can find low carb beer but ew?)
    Coffee with sugar, tea with sugar
    Pretty simple, right?
    I recommend MyFitnessPal. Everything you eat, try to eat it in portions. If you eat a bowl of cap'n crunch, measure it out. I don't care if you ate 1 cup of cereal or 17. Get a measuring cup, put in your desired amount, log on the website and select how many cups of cereal you had as well as milk. The website has almost everything. If you put ketchup on your fries it has an option for that.  
    The 'average' adult eats 2k calories a day. I eat about 4-5k. To lose weight, don't eat 2k or less. If you eat 4k calories a day, eat 3.5k. You lose weight by decreasing the amount of calories you consume daily. OMG I had no idea, right? Now you do. If you smoke daily, I recommend dropping the indacouch (if possible) and hit up some sativa so you're uplifted throughout the day and don't take in as many munchies. And speaking of munchies, GET RID OF THE JUNK IN YOUR HOUSE. I don't care what you do. Throw it away ( don't), eat it (hell no) give it to a homeless guy/girl (yes.) Just get rid of it, and I don't mean down your esophagus. If you're sexually active, do ALL the work. Don't swallow, there's a lot of glucose (sugar) in semen. 
    DO NOT eat out. Buy your own groceries and eat at home. Its so very tempting to want to go out and have dinner with the fam or friends, but don't. Because you don't know what you're eating. 
    No bacon
    No sausage 
    No bread
    No toast
    Do avoid cereal. 
    Have a decently big breakfast. Not a brunch. BREAKFAST. Don't wake up at noon and say "ahh breakfast" and then have lunch at 1pm. NO.
    Oatmeal with no sugar (sweetener okay) 
    Even chicken (grilled NOT fried)
    Lunch: something light. Maybe a salad with some grilled chicken. AVOID croutons. Chicken sandwich on wheat bread is ok.  And again, avoid beef pork ham bacon etc. 
    Dinner: Chicken.
    See a pattern? Its CHICKEN. GRILLED. WHITE MEAT. Its the healthiest option as far as proteins go. Eat some greens, a vegetable won't kill you.
    Just smoked a blunt and got the munchies? Eat some fruit. Make a homemade fruit salad. Bang you just had some munchies and you cleared out your cotton mouth. Apples grapes mangos pineapples the lot. Just don't walk in the gas station high as a kite and buy cookies 'n creme hersheys and some salt n vinegar lays and a big bottle of mountain dew. You'll get nowhere.
    It's going to suck, a lot. But you will be extremely proud of yourself. And more importantly, you will be lookin' sexy. 
    But don't just have 3 meals a day. Have 5-6 SMALL meals a day so you're not starving by 7pm. Basically what you're doing is "silencing" your hunger till you get off work and go home to make yourself a healthy dinner. 
    Do NOT eat 3 hours prior to bed time. Say you have an early dinner..4pm. You're still awake and up and moving and being active, correct? Now say you have dinner at 7:30 and go to bed at 9pm. All that food you just ate will not digest correctly because you're asleep. That is a big no-no. 
    Drink that shit. Drink it like your life depends on it. Have some homemade iced tea, no sugar. No alcohol, no juice, no soda. Capiche? 
    NO FAT DAYS. You MUST be committed to this or it will NOT work. Don't be committed 6 days a week and stuff your face like a cochina who hasn't seen food in weeks on sunday. Thanksgiving is coming up. WooHoo? Not for you. 
    Turkey? yes
    Corn bread? I think you know the answer
    Sweet potato pie? girl please.
    Green been casserole? Homie....
    Mac n Cheese? you trippin.
    Mashed potatoes? nigga what?
    Steamed broccoli? yes. With cheese? bitch dont make me slap you.
    Also, there is no "make-up" 
    meaning, if you didn't have a big dinner last night, that does not mean you can make up for it with today's dinner. 
    Its hard, guys, I know. But write it down, write down your goals. Grab a piece of paper and write down your SHORT TERM goals. 
    Ex: "I want to commit myself to this plan today and tomorrow."
    3 days later, you cross it off your list, and you feel good as fuck doing so. Set REALISTIC goals for yourself. If you write down "Lose 50 pounds" you're just gonna stare at that piece of paper every single day and hate yourself. 
    Instead, write down something like this.
    "follow my diet"
    "drop the caffeine"
    "complete one HIIT exercise today"
    "get 8 hours of sleep and wake up at 7am"
    Crossing things off your list feels good. And remember, if you can get it done in 5 minutes, do it now. Procrastination is your biggest enemy. Keep it on a small piece of paper like a notecard and keep it in your pocket wallet purse, etc. 
    Don't give up. Easier said than done, believe me. But don't tell yourself things like "k tomorrow, I WILL DO THIS." cause you won't. You need to write it down, and look at it everyday. And whenever you feel like you're ready to give up, like there's no way you'll get that body you want, you'll be lonely for the rest of your life, think of the result; and STRIVE for it. You want it that bad? You'll do it. I'm sure you went to hell and back to get some weed after a dry spell. Well you did it once, you can do it again. Ride this train to hell and come back looking like a greek god(dess.)
    For fast results, I recommend HIIT. (High Intensity Interval Training)
    Basically what that is, is an intense exercise with less intense recovery time.
    So say you're jogging. An example of HIIT would be to sprint as hard as you can, 100% intensity for 1-2 minutes, jog for 30s-1m then power walk for 30s and repeat. This is best for fat burning. Remember, if you aren't breaking a sweat, you are not doing it right. Just how they say the more you cough the higher you get? The more you sweat the better you'll look. If you have a treadmill at home do what i said. HIIT isn't just for cardiovascular workouts, it can be for anything. 
    There is no "formula" for HIIT. You start with whatever you are comfortable with. But part 1 of HIIT has to be your ALL. 250% intensity. Part 2 is more of a "medium" meaning instead of 100%, you're giving it 50%, then for your less intense recovery time you give it 20%. 
    If you're into r&b, drop that shit now before I steal your music listening device and break it. 
    Pump up music definitely helps with exercise. If you didn't know that, now you do.
    One of my personal favs:
    Take a flinstones one for all I care. Just take a damn multivitamin. Not only does it help your body burn fat faster, it helps with nail growth as well as boosts your metabolism. Take one every morning, it definitely won't kill you. 
    Remember, anyone is capable of this. Even you. Give it your best. You won't give up if you do. 
    Good luck to everyone.

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  5. Tldr

    -its all in the calories. No bacon? Wat. Just eat under your tdee (google if you don't know what it is) and you'll lose fat.

    Also buy a food scale. Measure with scale not cups
  6. You don't get fat from certain foods you get fat from eating too much. Many people forget this.
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  9. you don't need multivitamin
    and you don't need to count calories
    eat real food. 
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    You get fat from eating too much junk and not working out.

    You don't get fat eating too much whole foods while eating junk in moderation and still workout on consistent basis.

    Stoner Athlete
    Train Insane or Remain The Same.
  11. not quite true

    Certain foods that have a higher "concentration" (like sugar) can cause weight gain even if extremely.low ammounts of calories are consumed.

    High blood sugar causes insulin spikes and insulin causes fat storage as well as prevents Fay burning. This is true regardless of how little you eat.

    In lab studies they have cause obese rats to starve to death because they could not burn their own fat and just kept storing it

  12. Eat 4000 calories of extremely healthy food and tell me you don't get fat, unless bulking
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    If you are talking about mostly raw vegetarian food then 4k calories will be hard to reach.

    Even if you throw in 2 steaks... Which are not extremely healthy, you'd have a hard time getting up to 4k

  14. Semantics. I'm just trying to get my point across that in the end it all boils down to calories in vs calories out.
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    except that's not true and its been proven.

    As I said earlier they made obese rats starve to death.

    If you eat only a few hundred calories but all those calories are sugar in one meal, you'll get super fat and starve to death

    Its not just calories in and calories out. There is a lot of chemistry involved.

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    no. just no.
    it never boils down that... 
    unless you are speaking to a furnace you have to take into account that we are giving advice to human beings.
    you can purposely fuck things by trying to get fat from eating too many calories of healthy food... why would someone do that?
    saying that if you eat too many calories you'll probably gain weight, is like saying you'll probably get fat if you eat too much. (except inserting a word "calorie" makes it sound more scientific).
    proteins affect the body differently than carbs. most people will be pretty full from eating 3 eggs (at about 220 calories)... vs getting hungry in 15 minutes after eating 3 cookies (also around 200 calories)
    then you can take a look at the Glycemic Index of both foods and see how one would promote fat storage and the other one would actually subdue hunger.
    so let's see:
    coffee with sugar - 30 cal
    bagel with cream cheese - 200 cal
    salad w/ chicken - 300 cal
    so let's see, you've consumed 550+ calories and you are probably starving. and it's not even mid-day yet.
    if you were to replace those with a glass of water and 4-egg salad with avocado, which wold barely clock in at 200 calories.. and you'll be full for half a day.
    to me it makes a lot more sense to eat sensibly and pick foods that are healthy rather than try to limit yourself to some number of calories.
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    Like I said semantics. You're talking about satiety. If somebody can ear half a bag of Doritos a day and that's it we they'll probably lose weight. Is that likely they will stick to it? No. But that's not what my post was about.
    so what was your post about?
    and to address your other point, someone who eats half a bag of doritos a day will probably die. 
    when you eat less than normal amount of calories (not to mention no nutrients), the body adjusts metabolism to compensate for low caloric intake. it doesn't necessarily mean you are going to start losing fat.
    and if you are, you'll also lose muscle tissue (because body needs to get the nutrients from somewhere) and water weight (unhealthy water weight) along with it.
  19. If someone ate 600 calories worth of Doritos for breakfast every day and skipped lunch and dinner, they would giant weight while starving to death

    This is because the blood sugar spike would cause fat storage and prevent fat burn.

    So less calories in = more weight gain in this case

    Its not about calories consumed and calories burned. That's a really old belief that's been proven wrong many times.

    Calories from protein digest slower and don't cause blood sugar spikes.

    Calories ffrom sugar and alcohol almost always get turned directly into fat regardless of ammount consumed and ammount of exercise

  20. Weight loss does come down to calories in, calories out.
    Law of Thermodynamics applies to everything and we're not an exception (hence the term law, not theory).
    Calories from protein does digest slower but they have less calories per gram than any other food.
    Calories from sugar and alcohol does not get turned into fat directly, they are first turned into glucose which gets stored into glycogen. Once glycogen levels are filled then they are stored as fat. Same thing goes for protein, excess protein gets stored into fat as well.
    Eating healthier works better because there is less calories in healthy foods compared to junk food, and most people overindulge in the junk food and go over the RDA. Of course if you eat healthy you're going to lose weight because there's only 10 calories in a celery stalk.
    Even though this is highly debated, for every article there is about people advocating against calories in, calories out, there are articles like this as well:

    I'm a chemistry and biology major, certified PT, and head the weightlifting team at my school. While I admit I don't know everything in the nutrition, I can assure you if you consume less calories than you take in you will lose weight. 

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