Fist fights

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  1. Whats your opinion on em?

    Street fights? Between "friends"[joking or serious]? MMA style fights?
  2. i like watchin em, between friends is a no no cus it always ends up causing beef
  3. Yea, i know what you meen. Ive only been in one fist fight, and it was planned ahead 3 days. told the guy to fight me day of and he was like "naw bro on monday after class"
    We each got a few hits in, but nobody got knocked out before a teacher showed up[we were off campus, the fuck?]. Pretty lame TBH
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    I think fighting is dumb unless it's done in the ring

    Fucking someone up in a fight is cold-blooded

    Defending yourself is cool but intentionally trying to fuck someone up is criminal

    When I was in high school I saw a fight between the 2 biggest guys in my neighborhood. The loser got totally fucking owned....he ended up rolling down about 15 ft into a concrete drainage ditch and he hit the ground HARD!! He was left there to crawl out of the drainage ditch since everyone left

    I've been srsly against fighting ever since

  5. I love mma. I have watched every ufc there ever was and pride fighting is good but I havnt seen them all.
    I love the ultimate fighter and seeing the behind the scenes.
    I wish I had the discipline to do it but it just takes your whole life essence to be in that sport. I guess like any other professional sport.
    I also really like watching street fights too. My favorite fight is still Mike vallely vs like 4 other people. Just to have the balls to be like , okay ima fuck up u and ur 3 friends... Fun to see someone put the smack down on more than 1 person.

    [ame=]1vs5 Street fight AWSOME!!!! - YouTube[/ame]
  6. You gotta have natural physical strength and balls of steel to really be a good fighter

    I, sadly, have neither

  7. I got in a fight like 2 weeks ago. Some douche at school hit me with a hatchet then the bell rang and everyone left. After a while I noticed how hard he actually hit me. My arm was cut and swollen as hell, cut wasn't very deep though. So I started getting pissed realizing he'd actually tried to cut my arm with a hatchet. Saw him after school and walked up to him but he wouldn't fight me so I pushed him then hit him twice then his friends broke it up and said he'd follow us to go fight somewhere else but never showed up. I ended up getting suspended for 2 days along with assault and disruption of school charges, shits wack
  8. Real fighting is a last resort in a life or death situation. A person should train himself mentally and physically for this situation, but also put equal effort in avoiding it. Skirmishes are probably the best way to train.

    I never really got MMA. Like how did that become a distinguished style on its own? It makes no sense
  9. Haha yeah, people just love watching people fight i guess.

    Last year i saw a guy get his ass handed to him, saw the whole thing start to finish.

    It was in the main hall, between two major class periods, this quarterback hotshit dipshit shoulder checked this not-really-gangster-but-kinda-is kid, and the gangster was like "you got a problem?" and the quarterback said somethin back that resulted in the quarterback punching the gangster, the gangster let him punch him a few times, dropped him in one punch then just started stomping the guys ribs and kicked in him the face a couple times.

    Theres this kid i know, his names Kitrick[fuckin hate that name, it just sounds annoying] and hes the most annoying punk i know. Only reason why i associate with him is cause one of my good friends is friends with him, and i've been considering starting a fight with him for a while just to see how it would turn out. I have no doubt it would be broken up before anything really bad happens, only doubt i have in myself is that he would make a cheap shot and he has longer arms then me. Essentially, it would solve nothing, i know that, but like i said i just wanna punch the punk sometimes.
  10. Punching them doesn't teach them shit.

    You gotta hit em with something when they're not ready for it.

    Only then when they wake up and people told them what happened he'll know he deserved what he got.
  11. I was thinkin about that, maybe a baseball bat.

    But the problem with that is, he would try his very hardest to get back at me, and in that sense he would pull some sketchy shit.
  12. Me and my best friend fight all the time. It's kinda cool, we'll get into an argument about something, throw a few punches, and afterwards it's like nothing ever happened.
  13. I honestly love fist fighting. I always box with a group of friends at the park. One time we were drunk and on some unmentionables boxing at the park. Real fights, I've been in a two but nothing too serious. This one time I lost a fight to this Pilipino kid who was talking shit haha but I got a few in. Another time I beat this Mexican guys ass over nothing really just him shit talking. I won but I broke my fucking pinkie knuckle like the line on the backside of your palm. It's called a boxers fracture. I broke it on the kids head haha guess he got me.

    I've never been in anything too serious where someone could've been killed and shit but god damn I have seen it.

    At my highschool in junior year there was the fucking BIGGEST rumble at an alley by my school between Asians and Mexicans. It was fucking BIG like 30+ heads fighting and like double watching.
    Shit went down before the cops showed up. I saw some Asian kid up on the wall getting pounded by the Mexican. Everyone was just fighting someone. I wanted to join but I'm not Asian or Mexican hah
  14. i haven't seen many fights since high school really. Most of them were shit but there was always one every now and then...
  15. I figure if 2 consenting adults want to bash each other beyond recognition, who am I to interfere ?
  16. It's all good as long as it meets a few rules:
    - no stomping
    - no friends jumping in
    - stop when it's obvious.

    A lot of bad shit could be avoided by following those.
  17. i could type pages about training......;):smoke:
    real life fighting....and playing with your friends.....2 very different things entirely!!!!!!


    the really sad part many (of coarse not all) just take what they want and end up leaving behind some of the best shit......without even realizing it....

    now...i fight with my friends.....
    we all enjoy it!
    no rules...other then remember we are friends and having fun not trying to actually hurt one another.....
    as long as you all have the right one gets mad at all.....
  18. Well, um.. I don't like to fight, it's a last resort thing for me.
    It takes a lot to piss me off, so if I happen to get into a fight with you, I'm out for your blood.

    I practiced in tang soo do/ moo duk kwan, boxing and yaw-yan for quite some time. Sparring with a friend can be fun if you want to test each others abilities and learn new strategies along the way. But when it comes to fighting-for-real, it's an entirely different ball game.

  19. exactly:smoke:
  20. Boxing in backyards was a tradition in my childhood. Nothin' gives me nostalgia more than a bunch of kids with testosterone flowin' through the veins, beatin' the shit outta eachother.

    Not really, though. Most fights were clean and all of us that participated were very close.

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