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    I just got my fishing license, an Ugly Stik, and some hooks, sinkers and bobbers yesterday.
    Last night I went fishing with a buddy for my first time ever!
    I suck... Still getting the hang of casting out. :rolleyes:
    My buddy got his first catch ever though! It was just a tiny little guy, and it swalled the hook whole so he didn't make it back into the river like we had planned. :(
    Personally, I don't eat fish, but I don't see a problem with catch and release!
    Any fisherman around the city?
    Any tips for fishing rivers? I live, literally, right across the street from a river, so this is what I'll be doing for the most part. :D
    Any tips for fishing lakes? I'm not too far off from a decent sized lake, and was thinking about heading up on Monday or Tuesday to try to catch me some Tiger Muskies.

    Edit: Blah. Should have put this in The Great Outdoors. :/
  2. i hate fishing with bobbers....i fish on an island in ri....i caught 3 stripers this year..a 31, a 30 and a 25. thats inches for you newbs. we filleted the stripers and cooked them on the grill it was awesome. we were using squid and chunks of porgy as bait. good times.
  3. I mostly wanted the bobber because it was getting dark and I couldn't see shit but the red and white. :rolleyes:
    I'm not sure we'll really find anything big in the river, but it's worth a try. I'm so damn excited to go up to Pineview and try to hook some muskies! Mean fuckin' fish, man.
    Pic at the bottom (not mine, can't remember what site I got it from :confused:), although you've probably seen one before. They're a cross between a pike and a muskie.
    They'll try to eat anything. You see 'em washed up on shores all the time with shit sticking out of their mouths that was too big for 'em to eat.

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    You are in a different part of the nation than I am but im pretty sure worms are a universal bait for all fish and they work pretty damn good.

    What fish are you after in river?

    Like the previous poster said bobber fish is meh. You need to fish the bottom with sinkers and find out what the locals are using. really brother, you aren't going to get much good advice here cus we arent there. If you have a sportsmans warehouse or anything that publish's local fish reports?? Talk to some the other guys you see fishing.

    "Been here long"?
    "Whatcha using"?
    "Any size to em"?


  5. Fish are most commonly refereed to by their weight. NEWB!!
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    I've been using worms and salmon eggs. I haven't had anything bite yet, but I've felt some of the buggers get the bait off my line a few times now.
    I'm not after anything in particular. I just wanna catch 'em, take a picture, and let 'em go.
    As far as I know there's two or three kinds of trout, and yellow perch in the river I've been going to. May be some other fish in there, but I couldn't tell ya.
    I'm in Utah, by the way.

    I don't think I'll be doing any salt water fishing in the near future, but if I happen to get the chance I'll definitely get some tips from ya!
    As far as that thread goes, I'm checking it out now and will subscribe to it. :D

    Edit: Oh, that same buddy of mine got another one yesterday morning (right before I went out with him). Not sure what it was. It looked like a yellow perch, except it's belly was covered in reflective spots, and there wasn't any yellow that I could see. Lol. Thought it might have been a rainbow trout but a google search has me convinced it wasn't.
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    If you are going for trout...

    Sure worms and salmon eggs roe will catch large salmon size.
    If they are hatchery fish, idk if Utah stocks fish.. but Power Bait will work. Power bait is best utilized on a lake somewhere though where it can stay on the bottom.

    Look into wardens(yakima baits) line of lures. I would recommend the flat fish or the rooster tail to catch trout. How big is this river you fish? Whats the current like?


    I have had best luck with this green/yellow above, full on metallic silver..with black eyes, and the micheal jackson style below.



    You should really look at getting a boat flat fish are great to troll and stream fish fast moving currents with shallow water. Will absolutely knock trout dead! If your river is large, deep, appears slow moving... i recommend rooster tail. Get 3-6 different colors and experiment!

    For your case still really need to know how wide/deep a river?
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    Boats/floaters/tubes aren't allowed on this river.
    It's not very wide, ya have to be careful when casting or you'll catch yourself a tree. They put up a good fight, haha.
    As for depth, it's not the deepest. The deepest part I went in last night was up to my waist.
    As for the size of the fish, I don't think there's many (if any at all) over 14-15" in there, and that's possibly an overstatement.
  9. Flat fish pictured above will knock them dead!
  10. Fishing is the shit.
    I always fish for release only unless i bank a nice salmon or steelhead.
    The adrenaline rush is chill once you hook into a fish.
  11. Some novice fishers tend to think the fish are all in the deepest part of the water when usually they are closer in to the bank. patience is key to fishing, along with having the proper equiptment/bait for the fish. Earthworms are good all around bait for fishing fresh water.
  12. agreed, i use a small piece of worm on all of my rigs
  13. not stripers my friend
  14. Fishing is one of the best and the entertaining activity to do. Fishing lead to give you a lot of fun and enjoyment. Most of the people like to do fishing. Well I also like to do fishing.
  15. Definantly try a spinner such as a silver blue fox # 2 or some mepps or rooster tail
  16. [quote name='"jaden420"']Definantly try a spinner such as a silver blue fox # 2 or some mepps or rooster tail[/quote]

    rooster tails work good. honestly it depends on the color of the water, the temperature, and what natural aspects are in and around the lake. I have good luck with worms, especially tequila and watermelon seed color. top water plugs an jigs work good too, you just gotta get skilled with how to move them. you can always throw out a bobber with a minnow or shiner.
  17. My great uncle field tested lures at Yakima Bai(Wardens) for 50 years.

    -roster tail
    -hawg boss
    -flat fish

    Talk about a job..
  18. Have had more luck overall...all specifics aside fishing with brown rooster tails and green flat fish.

    Native trout love the micheal jackson or just metallic silver with eyes flat fish.

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