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  1. Anyone else here love to fish?
  2. totally dude
  3. hell yeah
  4. smokin out on a boat, soaking up some rays, and trying to bag a big one....i just love fishing

    mostly just largemouth, crappie, and the occasional walleye if i travel north enough, around these parts
  5. I love to fish! I mainly fish the ocean, I like using jigs. Fishing in the ocean is cool too because you never know what you might pull up. Octopus, different types of rays, eels and yes of course fish.
  6. Fishing is awesome. I also mainly fish in the ocean and sometimes in the bay or a nearby lake.

    I do all sorts of fishing, surf fishing, deep sea fishing, flats fishing in FL.

    Nothin' like getting way for awhile.
  7. Me too man, i just went halves with my uncle on a second hand fishing boat 150hp :cool: gonna spend the summer shark,cod,bass,conger and ling fishing, i once represented ireland in a fishing competition :D
  8. Yeah. Saltwater is much better than freshwater.
  9. Nothing better than taking out a boat on a lake with a good friend or two, a cooler full of beers, and a couple of joints. Catching fish is awesome, I love reeling in a big one. You could be sitting there for hours with nothing and then all of a sudden the big one will hit. It's just so relaxing and peaceful being out on the water. And bass is so nice and tasty :)
  10. Yeah they are. My favorite type of fish to eat is actually grouper. mmmmm. I like fried perch/catfish too. Striped bass are really fucking sweet though, with a nice mustard sauce or a crab sauce.

    I'm not a huge fan of trolling, but I usually end up doing than out in the ocean deep sea fishing because it's totally worth it when you land a nice sized fish.

    But having a few beers and setting up a drift is just the way you gotta do it sometime :cool:
  11. fishing is the best dude.i always throw em back though.
  12. Definitely.
  13. no reason to ALWAYS throw them back.. pussies,, :p

    my favorite fishing to do blazed is straight up carp shooting with a compoud bow and reel

    but when camping i love perch fishing and eating :smoke:
  14. yeh love fishing ,especially sea fishing ,boat or shore.

    it just chills you out & sometimes catching a fish is just a bonus.

    im from Scotlands east coast & our season is mainly winter for the cod, or should i say these days the lack of cod" due to commercially over fished seas:mad:

  15. I used to do this as a kid. It is quite fun..not too fair though! :p

  16. If you're fishing for trout and they're wild, you generally should put them back. If not that, please limit your limit. Hatchery trout are a completely different subject. So are brook trout east of the mississipi. They often overpopulate high lakes and compete with native cutt-throat and rainbows in streams. They're quite tasty too!
  17. catch a sunfish...put it on a hook(under the spine) with a bobber=pike a little illegal but oh well:wave:
  18. Definately- I love getting out early in the morning before sunrise. I'm not a huge fan of sunset- its supposed to be a good time but I never have any luck. I still need to try going late night still.

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    I've been fishing my entire life!

    My dad just gave me his old fly fishing setup as a gift, since I live in Colorado and most of his fishing is done trolling on Lake Michigan and he very rarely makes it out to the rivers and tributaries around him. My buddy recently bought his own rod, since fly fishing is almost a necessity when fishing in Colorado, and we went out to the Arkansas River last weekend. We didn't catch anything, to be honest with you, but it was a very nice area and we did get quite a bit of practice in with our new supplies.

    In Colorado, our fishery primarily consists of Rainbow, Brown, Brook, and Cutthroat Trout, as well as Kokanee Salmon, Crappie, Bluegill, and even Pike on occasion. They mostly feed on Nymphies and Caddis, so you do need flies that are semi sinking and decently weighted line with at least a six pound test tippet (or higher) and trout leaders.

    I've been prepapring all of my equipment today, because this weekend we're hitting a spot known as the Dream Stream, which is about sixty miles west through the mountains at the tailwaters of the South Platte River. Here's an overview that I found on another site:

    Is it safe to say that I'm just a wee bit excited?

  20. You cant beat flats fishing in Florida. Hooking up with monster reds or getting in the middle of a school of trout, always a great day of fishing.
    Going to the West cost during snook and tarpon seasons is awesome too.

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