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  1. Last year, my brother, dad, and I went on a fly fishing trip in Colorado. We fished two days, with a different guide each day. I smoked with both guides (without my dad and brother knowing) and it was incredible standing in this beautiful river with these huge snow-capped mountains all around. We did pretty good fishing and had a great time.

    We want to do something similar this year. If we can't come up with anything else, we'll probably just go back to the same place in Colorado. I was wondering if any of you blades had some suggestions for something this year. We'll be going in the first two weeks of May and we're from Alabama so it has to be somewhere where it won't be ridiculously cold lol. It doesn't have to be only fishing trips either. We discussed a kayaking/canoe trip in Montana but decided that would probably be too cold for us, considering we'd be on the water the whole time. So what do you guys think?
  2. You could try Maine, I went on a fishing/hunting trip with a few good friends up there maybe a year 1/2 ago, Lots of good hunting, fishing, outdoors, canoeing, small towns, good food.

    Best salmon I have ever tasted was fresh caught from maine.
  3. Thanks man I'm gonna check that out. I actually thought about salmon fishing in Alaska but this would probably be easier (and maybe not as cold?). Is this ^^^ where you guys stayed?
  4. Florida keys?
  5. Great suggestion. I'm looking into it right now. Plus I know a guy in Marathon so it'd be cool to pay him a visit.
  6. Yup, its a decent place, not the best, but pretty good. Everyone in the place working is nice, and its surrounded by beautiful scenery.
  7. I've always wanted to catch some peacock bass from Florida. They look awesome, get huge, and look like they put up a great fight. A dream fishing trip would be in the Amazon River.

  8. Which of the fishing trips on the website did you go on?

    Yeah man those are some gnarly fish. I think my trip would be a SCUBA/snorkeling/kayaking/fishing trip on the Great Barrier Reef. There's no telling what you'd catch there.

  9. Just the canoe, and kayak one. We went out a couple days to other rivers, and such in the area to try out or luck.

    Pretty good trout fishing everywhere up there. Plus you get the chance of seeing some big game, like moose.
  10. I'm going to Maine this summer and would really like to do some fishing. Unfortunately my family doesn't care much for it so I probably won't get much time to fish.

    A few years ago I went on a private charter with a few friends in Cape May, NJ. It was a lot of fun and we caught a ton of bluefish. Probably going back there in September. I also went fishing during a vacation in the Caribbean. It was fun but during that trip we didn't catch very much and it was pretty expensive.

    I have very little experience fly fishing so I can't make any recommendations with that but deep sea fishing is always fun.
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    Southern Missouri has all kinds of great fishing destinations... Land native to the McCloud Rainbow Trout... which is the common strain of bows stocked throughout the US... Lake of The Ozarks is amazing bass fishery... Tons of smallmouth water there too...

    I second the Keys... definitely one of my dream destinations... I would love to catch a triple digit poon on the fly... I could die a happy man

    I'm gonna plug my homeland.. The Driftless Area here in Minnesota/Wisconsin/Iowa.. Some of the best small stream trout fishing around... Highly underrated... Upper Mississippi River is an amazing fishery as well... Northern Wisconsin is a Muskie hunters dream outside of going to Canada

  12. I did some trout fishing in Minnesota, it was pretty nice.
  13. I'm looking into all of these suggestions and they've all been great so far. Thanks for the advice blades and any future suggestions are much appreciated
  14. You should go south and hit the gulf for some amazing saltwater fishing.

    big summer flounder, several different groupers, Sheepshead, Black and Red drums, along with tons of other croakers. Awesome fishing down there!
  15. Florida forsure! Took a trip out to this place near Tampa and they had these fishing tours where these guys would take u out on their boat into the gulf and just fish all day. It was great, we didnt go more than about 5 min without a bite! We even tried to catch a barracuda but no luck unfortunately

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