Fishin the morning away

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by cheebaa, Apr 30, 2006.

  1. Hello City,
    I spent this beautiful sunday morning waking up at 6am and smoked a bowl. After that Me and my friend left for fishing. We drove about a half hour to this great fishing location on a river in my new truck (2000 ford ranger xlt 4x4 if you followed the other thread about me getting a new vehicle). Anyways, we arrive around 8 am and hike into the woods about 10 minutes along the bank of the river. It was a nice hike, all the trees, the flowing water, the morning sun. We start fishing and on my third cast I catch a nice size trout (12" nothing to brag about but a keeper). After about 45 minutes me and my friend decide to smoke a J, we finish that and continue fishing.

    I must say fishing while high is awsome,I love being outdoors while being baked.

    By the end of the morning I had 2 trouts the other one I caught measured about 13 1/2".

    Anyone else fish?
  2. Yea man I love to fish. Back when I lived in Chicago we'd pull out the boat and go onto lake michigan. Awesome stuff.
  3. i wanna get stoned and go fising noe, sounds blissful and brilliant
  4. sunday morn. 3 hours of fishing. 4 blunts. walked away with 5 trout.
  5. i love fishing.

    very peaceful.
  6. I love fishin and go bass fishin every day in the summer
  7. I fished a lot more as a child than I do now. Haven't been in a couple years. Need to go this summer.
  8. I haven't been fishing in make me wanna go now
  9. dude, i ask all my stoner friends. and people who dont even like that, to fish.. cause that idea always sounded sick to me. but no one wants to go. its sad. i want to toke n fish =(
  10. Yeah, I also fish but no freshwater. I go out deep sea fishing off the San Diego/Mexico coast for bluefin, yellowtail, albacore...etc. I have my own boat and this summer am considering going way out in the ocean with my bong and just hit it without having to worry about anything in the world. It should be quite fun
  11. i LOVE fishing.

    My friends dad is a hunter and naturally my friend is too but hes got like 3 hunt camps WAY back in a bush and you can only get there by a 1 hour boat ride along a river. anyway, its so nice because his dad comes, his brother (friends uncle) and my friend and I... and they ALL smoke! i didn't even have to pay for weed or anyhing, and his uncle had like 1/4 of shake for 2 nights.. it was pretty awesome and its the most peaceful thing in the world beng in a tiny cabin in the absolut middle of nowhere.
  12. man i love to fish its good havent done it in a while but really shoud get a few blunts pack of port's my girl and go to tha pond good times good times
  13. Fishing is my life! I'm getting pretty excited for opener, next weekend! yay..
  14. i live on a farm in kentucky, now come on lol, getting high and fishin is MAJOR fun lol. good story man
  15. seeing how this thread is still up and going, anyone know a really good way to debone trout? I ripped the back bone up after I cooked it but it still left a good amount of the ribs (I guess thats what they are)

    I hear some people take the bones out before they cook them
  16. man i havnt fished in so long, i used to go on a trip with my aunt and uncle to canada to go fishin.. those were good times
  17. i live in minnesota... so yea i like to fish
  18. Havn't met a minnesotan yet that doesn't like to fish:D

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