Fish tank water???

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  1. Would water from my fish tank work better then straight tap water?
  2. I can't imagine the ammonia/nitrates/nitrites in the water could be any good for your plants....just use tapwater, adjust the ph, and let the chlorine evaporate off or use the stuff from the aquarium store
  3. Sounds good. Thanks for the quick response.
  4. Aquaponics
  5. Feed your fish kief and then after they take shits use the water on your plants, its simply like THC fert, pretty simple.
  6. what would you rather drink? tap water or fish tank water.

    then again, ive seen hydro setups with fish just living in the reservoir. veggies not cannabis. and yes, it was pretty cool.

    just stick with tap water dude. distilled would be your best bet.
  7. why the hell would they put fish in the res?? they breathe up the oxygen the roots need, and create ammonia and other organic wastes, on which the plants don't feed. Not to mention any excess fish food getting nasty.. I can't imagine a single good reason for doing that.
  8. Like I said, Aquaponics. I can be set up in smaller aquariums but I'd be more of a experiment the first few times..
  9. Just a question wtf no need for bashing just thought no clorine and the ph was better in the tank water than my tap.
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    I feed my plants liquid organic ferts - wouldn´t want to drink that personally, but the girls like it.

    If the pH is OK - why not use it? It contains nitrogen compounds in dilute solution, which is what we give when we feed with nitrogen containing ferts - and it is totally organic. Strikes me as good use of available resources.
  11. Can we hear somemore on this. Iv'e searched around and didn't find anything.
  12. Personally I would find out exactly what the quality of water in your tank is first. I agree that there probably is a lot of good stuff in it but there could also be some bad stuff too. I would think that there are so many variables it wouldn't be worth it. How often you change the water, how much ammonia is produced by the type of fish you have, what type of food you feed and how often. Then again, if you just want to experiment and you're not too concerned with the results, then I say try it. Figure, what's the worst thing that will happen? Your plant dies? At least then you would know. Sometimes I think the best way to find things out is to just experiment and keep track of everything so you can change what's not working. Good Luck to you!!

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