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Discussion in 'General' started by highawatha, Dec 7, 2001.

  1. a fat little pond fish.
    ....wait till this summer :)

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  2. not to be outdone, a fat little bass
  3. not to be outdone, a fat little michigan bass.
    i ran out of film before my little princess caught a large pike while wearing a sundress and the highest heals a momma will let a 7 yr old get.
    all on the lakes most crowded dock

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  4. Thats a nice catch! You should come down to my pond to fish. I have some nice bass and catfish. Me and my buddy caught 13 bass one evening. The smallest caught weighed 1 and a half pounds. The largest was thirteen lbs. Largest catfish so far weighed in at 16 lbs. I still get sore thinkig about catching that one!
  5. I didn't see that bass when i replied. That gives a new insite to the flashing at the toll booth. hahahaha Now we know why they paid your toll!!
  6. :) my hubbys laughin.....thats my sis holding the waaaay better than that he
    BUT she is a cutie witha hot bod :)
    peace an thanx hehehe ill have to tell her
  7. dang i just surpassed gloating and am now
  8. It must run in the family! If yours are better than hers, you're lucky there wasn't a wreck!
    I noticed the tight jeans as well!
    Tell her she is A-OK in my book!
  9. ill show you some of the fish we'll catch in the summer we also have huge bass,...nothing like 13 lbs tho. but very very large catfish several over 16 lbs hehe after knowing fish like that swim down there ill NEver swin in the pond again,...not to mention very large snappin turtles. oh ill be takin pictures my you?
  10. I hope to see alot of pictures. I will have a digital camera soon. I will show some pictures of the gang while we're catching some of the big ones.

    I quit going swimming in the nude, for the fear of the fish or turtles getting the wrong worm! hahaha I used to go down on the Tennesse river alot during the summer to fish and ski. After seeing some of the fish caught out of there i started worring about jaws being

  11. I'm *LMAO* Question is do you have bragging rights??lol
  12. like you wouldnt believe....:)

  13. I've always herd, If it's the truth, it's not really bragging!LMAO
  14. ya got me an now im just smiling
    so still im no braggart
  15. I'll be waiting for a pic of the BIG kill you are going to have!

    More of the good vibes your way.
  16. Murerers!!!!! All those little children are murderers!!!!!!!!! Fish killers!!!!!!!!! I'm reporting this to PETA!!!!!!!!!!!!! Parents who force their children to murder fish are horrible parents!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't blaim those children (although they're gonna rot in hell and get tortured and raped by satan's minions), I blaim their parents.
  17. thanks for worrying,... most of those are our pondfish,
    things we bought m raised, fed and take care we do catch them and TURN them LOOSE back into the pond as most people would know.
    the rest of the fish were turned lose also, then we moved onto clubbing the baby seals.
  18. oh yea......and if you thin satan's minions are much of a match for me or those children your mistaken
    peace and why dont you try to be nice
  19. I was just goin back thru this thread to see what Unoit had to say and I saw the pic of the lil' Michigan bass. My question is this, If your always talkin about that Gordon clone, how come that fine looking young man has a 3 on his shirt? I knew ya knew a real racer when ya see one!:)

    Cute kid too Unoit!

    Still can't find no Pontiac stuff though.
  20. Hahahahahaha
    The fake gordie fan! Thats a good one!

    Nice picture, Hope you didn't let the cat outa the bag.

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