Fish People Suck.

Discussion in 'General' started by madamayo, Mar 11, 2012.

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  1. I seriously thought by fish people suck, you meant people that look like fish suck..
    cus when I was a kid I actually called some people fish people, because they looked like fish lol..
    thats my random fact of the day folks
  2. Think I'll blow a bong rip in the air pump so they get some pain relief.
  3. great idea, except people who do that shit with cats and stuff end up in jail. this probably wouldnt be any different.
  4. lol dude, take the fish out.. and cut their heads off while they are still alive and record it.. post that shit up on the forum with a big fuck off.

    Fish do not suffer, fish do not feel pain - Fuck it.
  5. Fish are known to have memory for years, it's how they travel the rivers lakes and ocean
    They feel pain, they don't have facial muscles to express it.

    Just because a fish has no value to humans doesn't mean it can't live a good life.

    And when dipshits laugh about it, makes people look worse.

    And to those that support fish abuse...

    Karma is a huge bitch, believe me.

  6. i guarantee you nothing would happen if this was done with guppy's.

  7. Actually.. nope... Fish are not protected like pets.. its not illegal to eat fish.
  8. A fish can have a memory of up to 5 months.
  9. just because it's not illegal to eat fish, it doesn't mean you can treat them like they aren't living things. and besides i don't know many people who are buying fish from the fish store as a tasty snack :confused:.
  10. It is a fish.. a fish... do NOT feel pain.. they have no brain mass to allow it... sheesh..
  11. lol, fish definitely feel pain, if they couldn't they wouldn't run away when other fish nip at their fins and stuff.

  12. One time my friend drowned fish, next day he was found dead in aquarium.

  13. im not trying to debate the morality of the fact. just saying you would get away with it....
  14. So it's ok to abuse them?

    Let em suffer pain?

    No they do feel pain, it's what tells you what's dangerous.

    If they didn't feel pain, why would they avoid stuff, for fun?

    There's a few people who don't feel any pain, let's drown em because they don't feel pain.

  15. They feel no pain. And i'll take the word of neurobiologist over some fish lovers on a forum ;)

  16. Nociception

    But a foreign concept to you maybe?

    They cannot feel pain.
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    Wrong... just sayin... Nociception and pain do not directly correlate. Proven nuero science has shown fish feel no pain.

    I went through all this years and years ago when I was wrestling with the idea and fact that I loved to fish, i had heard fish did not feel pain but I always felt bad when "catching" a fish. Yet I still took them home and ate them. Finally felt bad enough to look it up, now i could give a shit what i do to them after they are out of the water.
  18. This activity is initiated by nociceptors, (also called pain receptors), that can detect mechanical, thermal or chemical changes above a set threshold. Once stimulated, a nociceptor transmits a signal along the spinal cord, to the brain. Nociception triggers a variety of autonomic responses and may also result in a subjective experience of pain in sentient beings.[3]


    basically what i'm getting from this is that they experience pain differently from humans so it's called something else. obviously it does not feel good for the fish or they wouldn't run away and get stressed out.
  19. Weather fish can feel pain or not or have no memory thier life shud still be respected like urs
  20. damn bunch of hippies on this forum wow. Respect the phish maaaannnn, fish are people too maaaannnn.

    lol gtfo
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