Fish People Suck.

Discussion in 'General' started by madamayo, Mar 11, 2012.

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  1. So my latest headache at home has been a fish tank...

    My girlfriend really wanted one, so $120 later, there's a tank of toxic water killing everything we put in it. I signed up for a fish forum, much like our GC here, and started asking people for suggestions. Everything was going fine, until I guess I crossed the line. I have since been getting flamed by fish people on this aquarium forum because I said "so I'm just going to let this fish die so I can start a fishless cycle..." (which by the way is pretty much my only choice)


    These people are insane. They go from giving you great advice one minute, to PETA worshipping freaks yelling at me for accidently killing a 60 cent guppy! I'm about to just go off on all these fish loving losers because they are now the least helpful people I've met! It's like they now expect me to breathe life into this fish, return it to the store, fix my tank, then get it back. Seriously it died before the argument even finished in the thread...

    I think I'm just going to go to McDonalds, buy a fish filet, and post a link to it on their site.
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    damn bro maybe you shouldnt kill the fish. dont be such a dick, dude.

    :p ;)


    Even in jest, name calling is not allowed - WW
  3. you murderer!

  4. I lost it
  5. What did you expect man? First you're asking advice on preserving the fish since they were dying. Then you've got people giving you great advice, next thing you say is "I'm just gonna let the fish die".... People don't like having their advice just thrown away?
  6. Ask them if they like fishdicks in their mouth? Gayfish..
  7. ^ fish sticks bro.
  8. [​IMG]
    Do you like fish sticks?
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    People like you should not own fish tanks period.

    They're meant for dedicated hobbyists, not some dude who wants one because his bitch thinks they're pretty.

    Disrespect is not tolerated here - WW

  10. HEY. I like fishsticks in my mouth.. don't you dare talk bad about fishsticks. :cool:
  11. Death to the fish people!!!! :devious:
  12. You didn't even give the fish CPR with a Q-tip or something? But seriously, I was coerced into going to a "fish auction" one time, and I was shocked. Those people are crazy, man! They were spending thousands of dollars on tiny little pretty looking fish that might die before you get them home, might get eaten by another fish in your tank, or might just croak because your water isn't treated right. I should get into the fish business.
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    People like you should not smoke marijuana, period.

    It's meant for dedicated hobbyists and medical patients, not some dude who wants to get high because "he mad" over some guy owning a fish tank :rolleyes:

    Disrespect is not tolerated here - WW
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    your a gayfish bro.

    Name calling, even in jest, is not tolerated here
  15. i'd like to show that forum some pictures of the trout i cut open and rip the guts out when i clean them up before they get filleted.


    Calling me a gayfish.. YOU'RE the gayfish.

  17. anybody ever done bass to mouth? or ass to trout?

  18. You should post a link to that forum. I must troll it!
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