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Fish oil and its extensive benifits.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by theycallmedano, Jan 17, 2014.

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    long topic. *STOP READING NOW IF YOU DON'T ENJOY READING*So many people on here say taking fish oil supplements will keep your tolerance low. But do you know what else it can aid in pertaining to weed smoking? Well you'll learn (I've been doing lots of research, feel free to correct me but from what I understand, this is the jist of it) The CB1 (cannibinoid receptors in your brain) are "damaged" when you smoke, that is to say essentially grinded down, the cause for tolerance growth. Well not only can fish oil help by the faster repair of these CB1 receptors (and aid in everyday brain function!) But they can have another effect teens may want to look out for, so all of you minors come out now. There have been many studies done on adolescents (under 20) and how the herb effects a child's brain, with many of the studies saying it can cause a child's brain not to fully develop in the areas of-decision making -intelligence-memory strength And these studies have shown that weed in children can harm and slow the growth of white brain matter, which aids in all of the above functions and more. Now, I'm not sure wether or not you believe this because like all other "studies" conducted, it can be highly biased or flat out made up. As I have seen in many teen stoners I choose to associate with (college) many of them, especially the circa 12, 13 years of age, smokers have decreased short term memory (but you already knew weed can do this) and decision and judgement based thoughts and actions are slower if you will, not as trained or matured as they should be in someone of our age (18-22). Now mind you these are atleast, and that's a bare minimum, of 3 times a week smoking. Well I've been with a few of these kids for the longest time smoking and do it just as much as many of them. So not only does data back this up, but also my personal experience can-- that is that fish oil, while repairing these CB1 receptors, also do wonderful things for us. They help deposits essential amino acids required for cognitive and judgment function into the brain (EPA and DHA, if memory serves) and can assist in the combating of the injured decision making skills, but can also almost neutralize the short term memory effects in some people; me being one of those, I am actually accelerated for my age and still manage a 4.125 GPA (honors and AP classes) and find that unlike in the beginning before I supplemented fish oil, my short term memory isn't hurt in the least. I do find myself on the occasion (once or twice a day) getting caught mid sentence or forgetting the thing I was about to google, but this was also a fairly common thing in me pre smoking, as it is in many people pot smokers and non smokers alike. Oh and did you know pot can help in the prevention of diseases like Alzheimer's and Dementia, by regulating the inflammation in the brain which causes these diseases, and also by the process of actually providing a protective "coating" over neuropathways and by promoting neurogenesis (the process by which the human brain grows/repairs neuropathways that have been destroyed in certain cells, allowing for memory to not take such a drop off as it often does around age 50). Which again, fishoils (which ps can be found naturally in fish- especially tuna which is high in EPA and DHA) help provide amino acids that speed up this process and if I haven't said it enough, repairs those receptors allowing for the ganja to better do it's job. I don't know how you feel about these studies and their credibility, but I see atleast some truth in them (although depending on the size of the frontal cortex *more grey matter* can combat addiction of all kinds and leads to a greater memory), I see this not only from well conducted studies from third party labs and the like, but also from everyday life. Some of my friends live up well to the short term memory problems and bad judgment problems theories, and certainly don't help the studies that claim these problems are exacerbated in people even up untill age 25 when the brain is said to be done maturing. Personal experience has taught me a lot and I've found the details to back it up. Know, with everything else I know all of the biology and A&P courses and research I do, I still can be wrong so if you have different opinions or have found facts that contradicts any of this, PLEASE SHARE!! I want to hear how you feel about this. Ps: fish oil isn't the only way to help our brains receive the full benefits of weed nor is it the only way to keep tolerance low, but it one of the best ways. Idc how you want to take this, keep on smokin fellow blades !EDIT: sorry about the bad grammar in places and the somewhat confusing writing. Forgive me, I havent slept in well over 2 days. Sent from my HTC One using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  2. I think fish oil may have some benefit, but is majorly overhyped.
  3. It seems that someone just got a brief glimpse into how medicine works.
  4. I take fish oil and flax seed oil religiously. It's great for circulatory health and if you're someone who works out or just has a very physical job, it's great for the joints and overall long term relief. I take anywhere from 6 to 10 a day.
  5. Young nigga,young nigga young nigga young nigga
  6. (Plan to buy some at the vitamin shoppe)
  7. I'm all for vitamins, including fish oil! I didn't know the specific benefits so thanks for sharing :)
    Ginkgo balboa and b vitamins are great for you as well
  8. [quote name="Yadda" post="19358033" timestamp="1389974642"]I'm all for vitamins, including fish oil! I didn't know the specific benefits so thanks for sharing :)Ginkgo balboa and b vitamins are great for you as well[/quote]Yes ! Energy from the balboa and there's a fe different benifits from B, yes ? Sent from my HTC One using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  9. Fish oil and flaxseed are the best. But when I was a kid , my parents didn't know that there was fish oil pills.....we took the liquid form and I am forever scarred by that horrible taste :'(

    We also take vitamin c pills if the flu is showing up in our city or if we feel as though we are getting sick. It works !
  10. B vitamins increase energy production and ginkgo supports brain function/circulation. Try adding one kale to your diet too..that'll do you good!
  11. Why not sodium?
    Lots and lots of sodium.
    And drink water less frequently :)
    Iced tea daily too man and funions.
  12. [quote name="VapeLifeAlex" post="19358095" timestamp="1389975544"]Why not sodium?Lots and lots of sodium.And drink water less frequently :)Iced tea daily too man and funions.[/quote]Why do these things help? I'd love to hear!Sent from my HTC One using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  13. Thx for the LOL
  14. [quote name="Yadda" post="19358092" timestamp="1389975482"]B vitamins increase energy production and ginkgo supports brain function/circulation. Try adding one kale to your diet too..that'll do you good![/quote]I was just talking about kale the other day with a nurse haha. Sounds like a fish but I remember it's not, could you explain it's benefits as well? Sent from my HTC One using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  15. Im not sure if you're serious.
  16. [quote name="VapeLifeAlex" post="19358106" timestamp="1389975675"]Im not sure if you're serious.[/quote]Lol no I was kidding.. sodium can cause you to gain weight because of increased water retention, and can give you puffy skin Sent from my HTC One using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  17. I take Fish Oil every day (just for good measure) and yet I still have to agree with you Snoop.
    I think its FAR more important to eat a balanced macro diet, not eat too much (especially condensed carbs) and to exercise daily.
    IMPO, these things ^ are multitudes more important, than fish oil.

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