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  1. Got a bag to aid flowering and not sure how to use it. Do you just mix it in top inch or two of soil?
  2. You either mix it into a soil mix prior to planting or make a tea from it for manual fertilizations. Fertilizers can be used as top dressings but there are mild drawbacks to that technique that you won't find with the two aforementioned methods. For one, most good organic ferts have less than ideal drainage characteristics. When applied on the surface, they can inhibit water absorption and encourage liquids to just run down the side of the pot. This effect is compounded with each application. Secondly, top dressings don't disperse nutrients evenly throughout the soil, creating a high concentration in the top layer. You don't want to dig up the potted soil to mix ferts into because you could end up breaking alot of roots.
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    Yeah, you can simply top dress your plants with blood and bone. IMHO, i think the best way to go would be to premix it into your soil though. Try too look into some other threads that talk about a water only soil mix. Combine that with a SIP pot and an autoflower plant and you can act like Ron Popeil and set it n forget it. [​IMG]

  15. assuming the o.p. is container growing. make tea. if out door in ground top dress or very lightly cultivate around the drip-line of the plants. hedge-hogs are totally cool in my opinion.:D:wave:

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