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  1. Ok so this is my first grow, indoor at that. also somewhat ghetto
    its chronic bagseed, almost positive its sour d, sativa, really really high grade stuff
    3 gal pot, vegged for about a month, like 2 weeks in 24/0 and then graduated down during 2 weeks till 18/6..36 hours of darkness and then switched to 12 12 (did not have blue spectrum bulbs at this point, thats why shes so tiny in my opinion)
    her first hairs showed on halloween, its been almost 3 1/2 weeks of flowering and shes been pushing out crysals
    im growing in cfl's..i have around 7 bulbs on her right now, all 2700k except one,all of them are 26 watters w exeption of one 42, i was using miracle gro root stimulator fert before (5-12-5) now im feeding a compost/leaf tea with some hawaiian bloom and bud(1/4 strenght) and a little bit of molasses every other'd water around 6.5, temp is about 79-82 degrees in the day 75-79 degrees at night...topped here and there, and lst untill after the switch then i let her loose
    i stopped foliar feeding a couple of days ago
    and also she's been flushed a couple of times due to way to acidic runoff, this girl can sure take a beating, broken stems and constant pinching and bending, but she can feel the love, so she shows it back in my opinion
    i took around 4 clones from her, but i dont have rooting gel, so they're sitting in water untill they root, they still haven't tho...
    here are the pictures..
    close ups..
    advice, opinions, tips, any type of input really will be appreciated
    thanks for looking, stay high
  2. after this grow, sell some of it off and get an hid light. Also, idk if you're gonna see roots just putting those in water. Get some cloning powder from the store it's pretty cheap for the ability to create some brand new plants from a fucking branch of another one.

    You're doing good with what you have, but in my opinion you should've veg'd longer. Whatever.
  3. i think it looks great especially for cfl, hes got a pint with the hid, but dont go 150, go bigger or go home to cfl. lol i run 2 150's and the consumption IS NOT 300w LOL so go 400 and ull never look back, least unless you drop a fat sack of nugs n gotta pick her up
  4. yo n gen hydro and techniflora both make starther nute kits that are worth well over the 30 bucks spent. look into them, ull thank your self over sketchy miracle grow
  5. awesome, thanks for the advice, yeah my plan was to change the set up after this first run,gettting an a 250 or so hps and a ballast for the 400mh i got recently, and seeing as i have all this room(2 closets) and no privacy /security problems i actually wanted to fill them up with you guys have any experience with these? any suggestions as far as good yield and taste strains?

    anyway (yeah, afghan kush got me blazed),do you guys think my plant would benefit from a trim? or should i leave it alone?,same with lst, should i let her do what she wants already?..she is a big girl..

    oh and one more q, i still havent give her full strenght flower nutes, should i keep stepping up the dosage untill i reach full strenght? i dont want to burn her...

    thanks for the help, sorry for sounding so needy
  6. Shady Nasty's?:D
  7. haha Its always sunny is the most hilarious show
  8. get one of those neat-o dimmable ballasts, some will enable u to run 250-400w hps/ mh so ull have the best of both worlds and expansion :)
  9. word word
    lights aside, any help available for my gurl? got a bunch of unanswered q's last post
  10. i personally gradually increase as the plant flowers further, im really careful about nute burns so just a lil at a time, increase by like a ml or 2 each feeding. I wouldnt reccomend trimming any leaves due to stress unless there already basically dead, About the lst, is she already trained? if not i would only pull a few stems that are keeping light from areas that need it, ive heard it can still stress em, im no expert but i am cautious.
  11. i guess whats done its done so im just gonna leave her alone, i just got a free fully working 500w t3 lamp.. i was reading up on it and from what i've summed up, its not the best light, but itll do to a certian long as heat isnt an issue...its been on there for 3 hours and the temp changed from 75.7 to 76.0

    so i think this will def help my grow, can i get some opinions?

    thank you chrismitty for all ur input too, i increased the amount today, well see tomorrow if she didnt like it

  12. Don't fucking do that. First of all, a 250 is wack. You can get 400w mh/hps systems on craigslist for like 100 bucks. But the real problem with doing that is you don't want to run a 400w light on a ballast that can't put out the wattage. It's bad news. You can only do the other way around - run a bulb that requires weaker power than the ballast has.

    Btw I've seen some GOOD shit from autoflower growers. Shortass veg time and a nice fuckin yield. You'll want to go for em for sure if you're into yielding big and quick. Make sure you get strains that yield nicely tho like Big bud, critical mass, super bud, mental floss, green crack, sweet tooth, blue dream, PPP, and all the classics (Herer, AK, NL, etc.).
  13. word thanks for the suggestion, and im high right now so i dont know if u need to read better or i need to write better, but what it says there(or what i was trying to say) was that i wanted to get a 250 hps (ballast and bulb)(probably will be a 400 now )for my flower room, and get a ballast for the 400 w mh bulb i already have, for my veg room
    i get how wattage sys. work ;)
    thanks anyway
  14. show some love, i need input guys, too needy
  15. shitty cell flicks
    they're filling up slowly but surely
    i ordered some molasses and a scope, things are about to get interesting
    i flushed today trying to bump the runoff to 6.5, it would only go to 6.2, i assume its because of the compost in the soil, but not even wood ash helped this issue..should i keep putting ash or ditch it? i guess i should get some dolomite lime, or dont bother and just put some good soil in the next grow?

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  16. *cricket sounds*
  17. Looks sick buddy. Shame u dont have the hps already. Could you imagine what they would look like now?? Lol looks great for cfls
  18. thank you man, idk, if im lucky i might be able to get the hps in the next two weeks, which will help for sure
    appreciate the comment

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