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  1. im guessing this is how i write a journal


    This Is Da Grow Room
    Made By: Me
    Costs: $0.00
    [Materials Used]
    [Polyester Foam Board] from da Attic
    [Polyester Foam Ice Chest] Pumping My Water + feed
    [12 volt Submergable Pump] Dad Embesled it from his work for me
    [6-40 Watt Florecent Tubes] Robed My Shed Lights
    All Of The Stuff Above

    Ok 3 Days ago i Germinated my seeds. 10 Seeds of some sticky Dank (i think).
    I Placed My Seeds In a (clean)Skoal Can ... Filled half with water put a paper towel ontop of the seeds and put a bunch of stems ontop of that and added a lil water ..Placed the top on for the remaining 2 Days 2 Nights. Day 2 i planted them in my pot and are awaiting the sprouts. Day 3 Soil Looking Healthy... Should Probaly Be Ready For My Grow Room in 2 Days. Ill Keep Posting This Great Journal

  2. from your diagram those lights arent cfls. theyre regular fluorescent tubes. try to use t12 and get cool white.

    i doubt 80 watts is gonna do jack shit for 10 plants

    edit: in your descrip it says 6-40 watt cfls...but i dont see them in the diagram.

    good luck either way

  3. i was wrong yes thats correct they are 40 watt tube ... im gonna use 6-40 watt cool white tubes,.....

    and i probaly only will have like 4 or 5 or 6 you know what im saying ?

    also look at the picture again i updated it
  4. 6 40 watt florescent tubes which is 240 watts, cool white for vegging sounds like ur gonna have some nice plants bro just make sure to reflect that shit well :smoking:
  5. im using white paint and polyester foam board
    shines really nice should i add n e thing like a mirror
    i allready have a ventalation system and fan light breeze on plants

    band i addded a chroma50 25 watt floresent minitube ....

    with just the chroma50 one time i had like 3 inch plant in 4 days
  6. Never use a mirror,the dull side of tinfoil will do just fine for now.
    mirrors will make hot spots that will burn your plants.

    Make sure you have your lights as close as can be,maby about 6" from plants
    or they will reach for the lights and flop over....
  7. 11 seeds almost germinated imma plant them in about 3 or 4 hours any advice?

    Should i put them under my light after i plant them or put them outside ?
  8. A Very Special Place Of Mine i made

    cost me nearly nothing cost me more to get these pics on here my cousin made me give him a dr pepper








    So Whatcha Think ?
  9. got my new timer for 12 on and 12 off for muhh lights


    mines just like that but a lil shorter but basicly the same
  10. dude no MIRRORS!!! Starts your lights about six inchesfrom the plant for first day or two and then lower them to 2-3 inches. Your set-up looks good otherwise but why use soil? :)
  11. why u putting ur lights to 12/12? put them at least 18/6...only use 12/12 when they are ready to flower..
  12. dont know how to make a dro thing ....i mean i got water pumps and stuff but i need some blue prints ......and how do you bring up the seeds in water ?

    please help i would love to grow some dro ... its very expesive here in usa 25 to 30 bucks a gram
  13. i can buy here al the best weed (thc can go upto 25%) for 5€ a gram
    man i love belgium
  14. dude dro is like 15 to 20 a gram everywhere ive gone in the u.s.
  15. bet you dont have a money hungry dealer
  16. "Dro" just refers to the fact that the weed was grown hydroponically (in water) and has little to do with quality. You could have dro that is complete shit or you can have the chronnnnic dro, just as you could have good weed that was grown in soil or shwag, all depends on if the plant was properly taken care of. i dunno bout the U.S but i live in canada and you will NEVER pay more than $10 for a gram...even if its high grade
  17. ok heres a list of what i (plan) to do i would appreciate it if you would tell me if anythin is wrong ...

    week 5 ... change the lights from 24 hours of light to 18 hours of light and 6 dark...for vegitive... and start feeding once every 2 days with Peters 20-20-20

    week 8 ... change the light schedule to 12/12 for flowering... and feed them 15-30-15

    is anything wrong ??? should i do a light change before 5 weeks ? or should i after ?
  18. looks great but put them on 18/6 now cuz its better than 24/0
  19. thier just 6 days old

    should i still 18/6 em ?
  20. just wait till some expert answers this i'm not so pro on indoor grows :)

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