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  1. Alrighy then. So being the tight-wad that I am, I figured why keep buying weed when I could grow myself, have it all to myself and have fun in the process? Well I did some research and I fear I may have fucked it up somehow. I will list the steps I have already made. I am trying to grow organically. I need someone with growing expierience to review these steps and help correct my process.

    1. I only used bag seeds. Picking out only the unbroken ones. I have heard not to plant black seeds but I did anyways. Pretty even split of black and white.

    2. I allowed the seeds to germinate by putting them between two wet paper towels with a ceramic plate on top and bottom. Left it in the dark for w few days rewetting it every now and then.

    3.After the seed sprouts reached at least .25 inches long I decided to plant them. I used some of those black plastic trays you get when you buy young plants like at walmart. I also put a bit of horse manure in the soil.

    4. I planted the sprouts with root side down trying not pack the dirt.

    5. These plants are currently sitting in a window seal in my attic. The windows don't go to anything, they are just for looks. The temperature in my attic ususally ranges from 70-90 degrees F and is quite humid.

    6. I currently have 14 plants growing(approximately 2-3 inches tall) and I am not giving them fertilizer or spraying with anything. Just pure water twice a day.

    They look quite healthy and seem to be growing at an alarming rate. Please tell me if I have made mistakes or need to be doing something additional as well. Also I plan on moving them outside when they are big enough. ANy suggestions for that?

    Keep smokin *****s:smoking:
  2. How much light are they getting? Make certain that your humidity comes down to less than 50% to cut down on risk of mold. A nice fan blowing over your plants might help with humidity and heat, and will help strengthen the stalks. The temp seems to be getting a little on the high end (85ish is a good "high range"), but your low temp is fine. Once you notice the lowest leaves of the plant turning yellowish, it's time to add a little more nutrients, specifically nitrogen. I've read somewhere that you can dilute 8 oz of urine with 1 gallon of water to use as a nitrogen fertilizer, although there are other organic options out there. Definitely check the Organic Growing forum for more info. Good luck!
  3. They are getting just pure sunlight. Maybe 7-8 hours a day except on rainy days. And how would they mold if they are still alive and growing?

    But thatks for you advice:hello:
  4. Mold can grow on soil and buds when those start to come in. Your plants will do best with more than 12 hours of light per day. Maybe think about supplementing yours during the darker hours. Rainy/cloudy days are okay since that's natural, but again, you'll want to add upwards of 10 extra hours of light for your plants to really flourish. And once you begin to flower them, you'll drop back to 12 hours total per day. I'm sure your plants will grow, and will flower, and will give you some bud, but your plants will be small, and your yield will be greatly diminished. I'm experimenting with this right now. I have some plants outside on the west side of my building. They only get about 7 hours of sunlight per day, and it's been very overcast the past few days around here. Just germinated some bag seeds, and figured I'd pop them in the ground. If they make it long enough to grow buds, I'll make sure I post something.
  5. ok. Thans alot for the info. Just two more things though

    1. How can I tell between male and female plants and which ones do I keep?


    2. I plan on water curing. Good or bad idea?
  6. Search for sexing in the forums. Um, water curing? I'm actually not familiar with this. Anyone else?

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