First worm bin harvest.

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  1. I think its time to collect my worm shit. I just flipping my plants to flower last week and im looking to try out fresh ewc and with some sea bird guano.

    Anyways. Is there anything i should do to the castings? Or is it ok to go from the bin right into the pots? 14999966189191760230466.jpg
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  2. I like to screen my castings through a 1/4" screen but you can certainly just transfer directly into your pots. I use a lot of compost as worm fodder so I like to screen out the "recognizable" stuff like twigs, pebbles, seeds and such. My bin holds 18 cu/ft so it is quite a chore to harvest.

    I would at least try to reclaim a majority of the worms for continued vermicomposting.
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  3. I basically just sifted through the whole bottom tray collecting as many worms as i could find. Then i just transfered everything into a bag.

    Heres the end result.

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  4. You can also pull the castings out and put a light on it. After a while the worms should dig deeper to avoid the light and you can keep removing the top stuff. Even if you miss some worms there should be plenty of juveniles and cocoons left to bring populations back up.

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  5. I realised this towards the end.... Could of made my life easier. All said and done i got about 2 gallons of fresh worm shit. Smells good. Cant wait to feed it to my pots. Im hoping this harvest coming up is increadable. Plants are looking fantastic
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  6. Good to hear man. I hope your garden does well. Homemade castings/compost is always the best way to go!

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