First 'worked' piece - Wicked Sands 10 arm tiny (pics)..

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  1. I was contemplating between this and having a custom worked SYN made up by fat mike but.... I felt like this was a bit more 'one of a kind'...

    Whatcha think? :hello:

    I'm curious about the water level - it's my first perc'd bong. Filling it was a PITA - what's the trick?

    Also, I use a SS screen in my HVY but the bowl on this is too small. Any suggestions? I'm thinking about trying one of those 'glass screen' things even though they look like a PITA

    The bubbler I bought awhile ago and never took pics... It looks weird up close - almost hairy looking, but when it gets resined on the inside it looks fucking badass..

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  2. sick piece man, just fill the water level up super high than draw on it acouple times, should load your perc right up.
  3. gorgeous glass bud, loving it!
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    Im liking the bong. Nice grab! As for your perc question just fill it from the top. The water level will drop down to the perfect spot.
  5. yeah pour all your water in thru the top of the bong. the perc levels itself off when you stop pouring. its so awesome.
  6. haha sweet bong, when i first looked at the pic i thought you had a bubbler connected to your downstem loll
  7. I'm really high so when I opened the first pic, I thought you had some sweet bubbler slider and I sat looking at it for about 3-4 min trying to figure out how it works before giving up and going back to read and see what it was.
  8. haha cool slide :hello:
  9. how much did you pay for it?

  10. hahaha so did i, and i was gonna comment on it but i knew a fellow stoner would think the same
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    Thanks for the tips blades!

    It was marked $419 but I paid less. The shop owner is extremely proud of it (and another, done in rasta instead of orange/black)

    I may have overpaid, but I don't mind. It's a great piece and I've seriously worked my ass off and will have to continue doing so for a few months at least.
  12. Also any tips on screens/glass screens? I don't like all of the ash getting in the water.. Screens help but this is a tiny bowl so..... :confused: :smoking:
  13. sick piece, man.

    I didn't feel like reading the replies, but put all the water in through the top and what you do is take out the downstem and blow in through the top where you would normally inhale... it automatically levels out the perc.

    was probably mentioned before, but fuck it...

    mentioned before as well... sick ass fucking piece.

    as for screens... never use a metal screen in a glass piece (glass screens ftw)... you mine as well go buy a metal pipe. I recommend an ashcatcher if you don't want that baby getting dirty.
  14. looks sick man, enjoy it.
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    Nice tube, good call on getting the Orange/Black than the rasta. No hate towards rasta, it's just a little played out. I wouldn't be worried about the price, because if it makes you happy and you feel like it was worth it, then it is. :smoking:
  16. Yeah I don't regret it at all... I'm actually hooked - I'm already looking at a nice stemless toro, black label with worked perc. That way I can buy some of the crazy looking salt slides..

    I'm also eying some of the ashcatchers... Not being able to use a screen is annoying and I don't like dirty bongs.

    Any suggestions? I'm curious about pricing..
  17. When I saw that picture at first, I thought your bubbler was a crazy ash catcher. :smoke::smoke::smoke:
  18. definitely get an ashcatcher. it will keep your tube MUCH cleaner than before, and it will really improve your smoke. i picked up a nice clear luke wilson inline a/c for $125 at 42 degrees in ann arbor. hits like a champ!

    as for your question about screens, dont use a metal screen. they're ugly, they taste kinda bad, and in my experience they have a tendency to pop out when you light the bowl if you've bent the screen too much. right now i use a luke wilson disk diffused slide, which i LOVE, and i dont need a screen for that bc it pretty much has one built in. but seeing as you already have a really nice slide, you should invest in a glass screen. i think they're pretty cheap, although im not totally sure bc mine came with my roor. i've heard many stories about people losing their glass screens, but i've had absolutely no problem keeping track of mine. i just keep it in a slide at all times. the glass screen is great, it allows me to pack nice, tight bowls without worrying about a base nug, and it does a pretty good job of keeping ash out of my tube.

    also, you should get a keck clip or two. an orange one would look great on there, and if you get an a/c, then you should get another k-clip too. they hold everything together nicely, and as a result im now able to pull the slide out without worrying about the downstem coming out with it.
  19. Hmm... The downstem in mine seems to stay in ok - I don't particularly care for the look of them on this sort of setup, but if I have to when I get an ashcatcher I'll pick one or two up!

    Luke Wilson did the percs on this piece so I'd love to find another piece by him!! There are a few stores in my area - I'll post up if I can find anything..

    I'm also not sure about the Toro.. I'm reading a lot of good things about SG as well... Hmmmm!

  20. me too. i was staring at it for a while :smoking:

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