First we seized the marijuana, then we stopped for Mexican food...

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  1. Every time they report a dispensary raid the press just has to get meth in there. Even if they have to go somewhere else to find it first...enjoy your fajitas!

    Police seize drugs from businesses, residence - Herald and News: Breaking

  2. I know. It's completely irrelevant to what's happening to the dispensaries, but they just gotta get the term in there to make it look like one is synonymous with the other. :rolleyes:
  3. from the comments

    "Ben Feller posted at 3:49 pm on Mon, Aug 1, 2011.

    It's no surprise to me. I see most the people I know who have Medical Marijuana smoking it, and thinking it's a license to party. Without fear of getting busted, most smoke way more than any medical need would require. Almost anyone can get a "Card" if you can find a quack doctor and have a few bucks. Finding marijuana and meth together is fairly common. Anyone that doesn't see a connection between marijuana and harder drugs isn't looking. You can say what you want about alcohol being legal, and make any compairson about it's use, many pot smokers I know also drink. The truth is people who like to get high often mix their drugs."

    lolol this guy!! license to party! finding marijuana and meth is fairly common! the truth is people who get high often mix drugs!


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  4. I seriously doubt that guy even lives in a mmj state lol he seems like the average fox news fan.
  5. fuck ben feller...obviously he doesn't know shit about mj and is trying to group it together with Meth are you kidding me

  6. So basically.

    Today's new police seized weed in china AND THEN IN AFRICA SOMEONE DIED, we are now connecting the murders to make weed seem bad..........This really has to stop.
  7. I like how the story just jumps, like this.

    One time I went to the store. As I was eating bananas, the moon. Later, as we exited target, we saw a giant Frisbee dog. Ice cream, chocolate, and peanuts. Peanut butter. The end. Oh yeah, a raid happened.

  8. It's like a butterfly effect, but with two things that hardly relate to one another. Besides, isn't this what they have always done? Relate weed to some other occurance way far off and lump them in an article to give cannabis a bad name?
  9. in the 1920's several companies starting selling the first production electric cars. As a scheme to win over/scare their customer, they would refer to gasoline powered cars as "EXPLOSION cars" which would give the impression that they will BLOW UP if you drive them.

    this is about the same story, educated people scaring uneducated people for financial gain.

    its pretty much the american way.

  10. Yep, i mean cannabis user's they play fair, they don't hack into super computers to open a medical dispencery they peacefully couparate with the law and try to get it done.

    Government with blow peoples heads off for weed, Oh what do we have here blood covered shovel map of where were going to bury the boddy, the drivers intoxicated and a blood riden corpse, well that all checks out fine sir have a good day, OMFG SMALL AMOUNT OF POT POT TACTICAL POSITIONS AIR STRIKE RUUUUUN FUUUUUUCK SHOOT HIM SHOOOOT HIM FUCK.

    I mean what are they actually afraid of like really a peaceful hippy or a fucking terrioest. :confused:
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    Given track record, they are most afraid of open mindedness, and thinking for yourself. In other words, us :)

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