First wake and bake

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by shank, Oct 1, 2010.

  1. First wake and bake today haha; I dont have a lighter matches are so annoying lol. i smoked like a bowl i recon and i just couldnt finish wat was left in the i put it back in a paper to pick out the green later hahahaha. I felt sick so i stopped but i was pretty high and my little brother just woke story bro

    any1 else savour whats left of an unfinished bowl? :eek:
  2. I personally always finish what i pack.
  3. i packd like half a bowl first and then i
    packed a full tight bowl and i couldnt finish the tip coz my thrapt was real harsh and i felt like i was gona puke lol i felt bad about not finishing
  4. i meant my throat was real sore lol. and i couldnt finisht he lower half near the hole..

  5. I'm thinking he would have but the matches/burning wood smoke was really getting to him.
  6. i always hate it when i take such a big hit that i feel like im gonna throw up. at least you know youll be pretty high though. one time i smoked off a huge bong and forgot that i had to clear it so i ended up taking way too big of a hit. i had trouble breathing for the next few days, it felt like a couldnt get enough air. but yeah i always finish a bowl unless im about to be caught by security or the police or something
  7. the thing was i wasnt coughing coz my next door neighbour was in his yard and were i was smoking was close to the fence, and it was obvious with the sounds if fifty million matches being lit, and i was trying to hold in my coughing so hard lol

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