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First Vaporizer - Wow.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Berlette, Sep 15, 2007.

  1. Well I recently bought my first vape, and wow is all I can say. It's made smoking (or vaping) so much more enjoyable. I can get higher off of less bud, make a little last a lot, and I get no throat pain or cottonmouth. Wonderful. Honestly, nobody should be deprived of these wonderful devices. Anyways I caught myself rambling, time to run :D
  2. awesome! i've never tried a vape, but it sounds really interesting now! what kind did you get? have you ever tried that home-made light bulb vape? do they even compare?
  3. ima blunt smoker at heart and i just bought a nice vape and i like it a lot for health reasons.
  4. I remember vaping for the first time. Makes you feel like a noob again! :D

    Good times. I'm glad your enjoying your vape.

  5. What kind of vape did u get dog? i got a vapor bros and i got mad love for it. stay high!
  6. Bowls in vapes last so much longer too. The taste is better, and it doesn't burn when you hold it in.
  7. Let me start this off by saying that I loved my vaporizors while they worked. Yes, I have had some unfortunate luck when it comes to the vaporizors I purchased. I payed around $100 for my first standard "heat element" vape. I got super stoned the first time I used it, but alas, it was also the last time it worked. It seems I underestimated the THC content in the bag I had, so in turn, I forgot I left the heating element on. So I understand how me being stoned contributed to my first vapes demise, but its the 2nd one for which I do not understand. I thought, "Maybe I didn't spend enough money to get a quality vape." So I decided to go balls out at the time (because I had no money and put it on a credit card) and get a "Hi End" vape. I ended up with the VOODOO DIGITAL VAPORIZER from Pyro Products. I paid around $250 for this one thinking that everything would be okay and that I wouldn't have to concern myself with leaving it on or not because it automatically turned itself off after 10 min. Well at least I got high like 7 or 9 times with the second vape. Anyways it stopped working 2 weeks later when I tried to use it to show a friend of mine. The LCD screen was displaying things incorrectly and the heating element would heat up sometimes and other times it wouldn't get hot at all. So maybe someone could tell me of a better vape to consider or the best vape.

  8. VOLCANO you get what you pay for +5 year warranty. I dont think iv ever herd of a volcano failing. Iv had mine for 6 months now. I use it everyday at least 15 bags a day.
  9. Thanks for the advice. So I guess you get what you pay for like you said. But fuck man, I've shelled out over $350 on 2 vapes that don't work at all now. You can see where I am coming from when I say that I am a little hesitant to run out and score a new one. I will definately check out the Volcano vape.

    smoke 0ne
  10. question: anyone tried that DIY light-bulb vape? is it better method of smoking than a pipe/blunt/joint?
  11. I haven't used the DIY Light Bulb method but here is the video. I thought I would share that.

    With the vapes that I had, when they worked, were superior to smoking out of anything else. This is just an opinion. Vaporizors aren't made for everyone. It's different using a vape when you are used to seeing smoke and feeling the burn in your throat. When you are using a vape there is little visible vapor if any and it doesn't burn your throat. The flavor, however, remains intact and brought to a subtle, yet clearer form. I would recommend trying a vape and seeing if you really like it before going out and spending $400 or more on a nice one.

    sm0ke 0ne

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