First vac purge BHO!

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    2.91 grams product from 20 grams blue herer trashy inner/under-buds

    So heres the result of my vac purge. I didn't know what I was doing, so I did a variety of stuff. Dunno how to check the pressure on my setup since I have no gauge, but I just keep it on during the run to ensure it being at full vacuum.

    After scraping it off the pyrex, and after the first initial hot water wash, I first just simply stuck it in there to be vacuumed for 5 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, and finally 20 (four runs). The fifth session I released vacuum every 2 minutes in a 10 minute period. Finally I heated the paper in a 150 degree oven for 10 seconds before the 6th and 7th sessions of 5 minute vaccing, and finally the paper spread flat over a warm heating pad for a minute until the oil glistened then thrown into a final 8th vac session. After the final vac I threw the BHO into the fridge for a few minutes before snapping these shots. In the first two purges the butane swelled to 5 times its size; by the fifth it would only raise to about double and by the end it barely raised except in pockets. By the third run I began taking the lid off and taking the BHO out in between, instead of just letting the system run without the little rubber circle over the puncture hole in the lid (removing the rubber breaks vacuum and allows air to flow in, cycling and refreshing it)

    Not at all sticky and very malleable. Little worried about all the little bubbles, but they havn't come out after 8 purges, some heated, so I don't think that is butane left in there. Probably not putting it in the fridge anymore afterwards, just in case theres some butane left escaping.


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  2. [quote name='"1sttimegrower"']2.91 grams product from 20 grams blue herer trashy inner/under-buds[/quote]

    Looking good man! Pretty good yield for a small run. How is the smell/taste? Herrer can make some really nice errl :smoke:

    If I could give you one recommendation, it would be to focus a little bit more on the water baths for purging. How are you doing the baths, the double boiling method?

    Vacuum purging is usually a final step for removing the remnaning impurities after water bathing and whipping. You definitely don't need to be repeating any step in your process 8 times. I would recommend trying some longer slower water baths and try doing a few of them! You can always just toss your Pyrex dish back in the hot water and whip some more. Nice vacuum purge set up though!

    The little bubbles are most likely impurities, maybe being brought to the surface of your wax by the pressure of the vacuum. For the most part, a good pure budder will come out of a vacuum purge looking like a moon rock (with craters), because the vacuum pulls the oxygen you have whipped into your budder out.

    I would definitely try another water bath if you get the opportunity. Try whipping it pretty violently while it is warm also, and then vacuum purge it again. Your first few batches will definitely be a learning experience but things are looking pretty damn good.

    BTW I will try to respond to your PM as soon as I get a chance, I've been really busy lately, but definitely want to explain the concept too you.
  3. Thanks; it smells exactly like the trim did! Tastes much better though, im sure, haha. Really happy with it since this time its so much easier to handle. The only oddity is that as I heat it up it has a weird sizzle/pop that the budder last time didn't; is this what this form does, or is there gas still inside?
    Either way I'll throw it back onto a water bath; my first run cleared really well using them but I wanted to make a vac purger to subject the hash to as little heat as possible. Though if longer times, lower heat is advisable, could I set the hash while on the paper on a heating mat, or would pyrex + hot water be better?

    I didn't come close to water bathing this like I did on my first run. Thought the vac purger would work fine on its own. This time I poured hot tap water into a metal bin in which the pyrex sat, and after all the liquid evaporated off and all the bubbles popped, I brought it inside to scrape onto parchment paper (that stuff is AMAZING btw... god knows why I refused to use it until now). Last time I poured water boiled on the stove into the metal bin, and repeated that twice, before bringing the pyrex in to finish on a heating mat.

    I don't wan't to whip it, as I don't want budder; but you said the vac will pull that out? So if I subject budder to the vac itll lose its chunkyness and go back into an oil-like state?

    And if you could, I'd appreciate it. CO2 seems very promising.
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    I believe the the issue you have been having with the sizzling/popping is merely some amounts of moisture/CO2 (or any number of trace compounds remanning in your errl) that are being released when you vape it.

    There is a bit of argument over the temperatures at which you should purge but I personally spray into one pyrex dish, in another (larger) pyrex dish full of hot water. There are a number of ways to maintain the heat of the water, and a number of different temperatures which people advocate purging at.

    After doing a bit of reading, I realize that the bubbles in your errl could be a number of compounds such as traces of butane (according to some sources), or possibly terpenes being pulled to the surface as they react with oxygen (according to others). As you are not whipping, I would hesitate to think that the terpenes are getting much contact with oxygen, so may only be apparent on the surface. If the bubbles are apparent through out, I would have to think that they are the presence of another of any number of compounds.

    I am a bit confused as to why you used the oven! Were you attempting decarboxylation? As it seems decarboxylation occurs more so around 106 degrees celsius. And the effectiveness of decarboxylation, apart from use in cook or oral ingestion, is widely questioned.

    Why don't you want to whip your errl? Some of my trusted sources recommend against it, but many others correlate buddering and decarboxylation (which many think is activation of THC from THCA).

    As to not skew or incorrectly transfer any information about the subject, I will give you a little bit of reading from some of my sources :smoke:

    From my own personal experience, I have found budda, not only a bit easier to handle, but also a bit easier to dab. While one of my sources like to discount the idea of budder being a purer, more potent (decarboxylated) extract, the other trusted source swears by it to some extent. To each his own, and I have found a bit of a liking for budda! For the longest time I thought the oily texture (of your type of errl) was due to remaining impurities and traces of butane in the extract, but I question the definitive nature of any compound found in one of our extracts. The oily texture may be an over abundance of terpenes for all we know, but we can never really be sure with out lab tests.

    Sorry if this post is long and organized. It is late, and I am really high, but I thought it was some good info for you. I will try to PM you back as soon as I have time to fully explain everything to the degree that I want to.

    I have been compiling some really good info lately, and hope to post it up here soon. While our humble little forum has its strong suites there are not all to many errl/budda heads on here and I'd definitely like to try to bring the community of us to life! There is a lot of good info out there on the web if you want to take the time to find it. We just need a little bit more info on organic chemistry and solvent extractions over here on GC so we can all be smart and safe! I will post some info as soon as I get the time :hello:
  5. The oven was to simply heat the oil slightly so bubbles may rise easier.
    The bubbles are apparent throughout as I check the oil this morning, so I think later I'll finish the purge on it.
    I hate budder texture, that's why I don't want to whip haha. That wax is annoying to work with while this oil is so much fun. (I have both forms and can say for sure that I like this state more). But after reading your info whip=/= budder. And squiggly got me thinking; little worrisome, his info there.
    and thanks for all that info! knowlege is power! haha
  6. would a vacuum seal bag system work with the atttachement for jars etc???? does it have enought vacuum?

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