first tying down and topping experience(pictures)

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by arends609, May 16, 2006.

  1. Outdoor in the carribean
    1 day flowering
    water, bio-grow and Canna PK 13-14
  2. Your branching looks pretty weak for bud support. Your plants seem to not have much turger. I would say it is becouse you dont have that female in the ground. Using planters only harm the plant.
  3. Is that from 1 seed?
  4. Odd looking plant, doesn´t seem to have a central stem??

    Neither can I see it being tied down, as stated in the title of this thread.

  5. its 4 seeds planted grown into one plant.. :rolleyes:
  6. why did you plant 4 in 1? your 1st picture shows other pots why not plant in them?
  7. So what do you do if they are all female??

    I am curious, just what benefit did you think you could get by doing that??
  8. you guys must be really high. you aren't very perceptive at the moment. hoast was being sarcastic and he's not even the person who made this thread. it's one plant, and you can see where it's tied down inside the pot, but i agree the branches don't look like they could support buds very well.
  9. Um those arent my pictures nor is this my thread, and it was a joke.. hence the rolling-eye smiley.
  10. :rolleyes:
  11. Man you guys really must smoke good shit for all that bullshit you talk. lol
    It's one plant and it's only 1month and 1 week old.
    You'll be amazed how it will be in about 1-2 months
  12. and the reason why theres no main stem is because IT"S TOPPED!!! REAAAAAD, it will help a biut
  13. I am officially dumber after reading this thread.
  14. I have topped plants, but had a definite main stem which became bifurcated. This looks like........well, different. Bet the grower gets fuck all except a few laughs.
  15. i just realised how slow the human brain can function sometimes! did not notice the smilie! thing is i'm more stonned now than i was then
  16. the branches look really puny. It's a nice size overall, but there is no "structure" to the plant. I think you should augment that grow with an ocillating fan and beef up those stems and branches. Or, move it to where it will get more breeze throughout the day.

  17. aggreed, I would cut it into as many clones as it would make, if it is female ofcourse and of known standard. Or just throw it away.
  18. No way. This plant is anything but lost. If female, I'd clone away. Then I'd get some intense light on it and a fan and beef that thing up in vegitative for another few weeks. Then bud it.

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