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  1. Strain = Blue Widow (Free seed from a BOGO deal) from The Attitude seed bank (took 2 months before I got the seeds, Blue Widow (free) & Rocklock (Saving this one in case the freebie doesn't go well)

    I am 2 weeks and 3 days into my first grow!

    This is my very first attempt! I bought this dresser for $70. Stripped out all of the dressers except for the bottom one. I screwed the fronts of the dressers to the front of the actual dresser. I painted the inside white and caulked all holes with black Crayola clay (crafty, eh?! :D) I have two screw hooks in the top that act as a pulley for the rope that I have attached to a power strip with 4 100w 6500k CFLs with splitters. I have a small fan inside to circulate air as well as blow onto the plant. The entire back of the dresser comes off by use of velcro. Light was coming out of the sides of the back, so I surrounded all edges of the back border with velcro. Problem solved! Light stopped coming through! I have 4 80mm computer case fans embedded into the back (2 intake on btm & 2 exhaust on top).

    After installing two more 80mm fans a few days ago, the temperature stays around a stable 79-83 (mainly hovers around 81) degrees F.

    I bought some carbon filters that I was going to makeshift onto the computer fans in the back. What would be the best way to do that without losing too much suction?

    This is my first grow. I have to make it as stealthy as possible because I live in an apartment and go to college.

    What do you think???

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  2. not bad at all. Your going to want to make sure you take care of all light leaks though. That includes connecting up some ducting to the back fans with some turns in it to cut out the light.
  3. neat setup, but the exhaust and intake vents are too close and also the fact that they face the wall... air exhausted hits the wall and easily re-enters through the intake, hardly any fresh air enters. Some day before starting flowering you will have to light proof those fan vents. I understand you needed to add vents only to the back of the grow cab for stealth purposes, but ideally the intake could have been closer to the bottom and exhaust closer to the roof of the grow cab. PC fans generally suck when it comes to carbon filter(hardly any static pressure power), I am yet to find a solution to that problem. All in all, a job well done! :)
  4. Thanks for the input! I have all of the light leaks fixed except for the exhaust,intake fans and the very bottom of the back doesn't have velcro on it (you can't see it anyway.) I've looked at some of the exhaust ducts with carbon filters on here (both DIY and store-bought). My only concern is the extra room needed in the back for the ducting so the dresser doesn't stand too far from the wall in the back. It really isn't a big thing, though. Maybe I could turn 3 of my 4 fans to exhaust with carbon filters. That may have enough suction for the static pressure. If not, I can make alterations on the fly. Already have about $200 in this, but I know it will definitely pay for itself in the long haul!

    I'm hoping the plant grows to at about 20". Short and squat. 8 weeks from seed to harvest. Any ideas on yield? I'm hoping for at least 20 grams (More is obviously better!). LxWxH are 27"x14"x30". I think I can comfortably fit 2 plants in this next time if my first grow goes well.
  5. sweet man very stealth!! i dont think the computer fans will cut it for the carbon filter tho? and could u not run ducting out the side of the cabinet nearest the wall without it looking to obvious and then no need to move it out from the back wall?

    8 weeks from seed to weed,are u doing 12/12 from seed then? and do you plan on upgrading/adding light for flower? sorry for all the questions lol
  6. Thanks! I appreciate the questions! This is my first grow, so I don't mind some critical analysis. I'm thinking about removing 1 of the intake fans for passive intake and make the other 3 exhaust. I may add a scrog duct in the back and put the dresser in the corner where there's more room.

    I might start my 12/12 in my 5th week of veg, maybe later. I'll probably just eyeball it on how big I want it. I have 4 100w CFLs (2700k) for the flowering stage. I'll replace the 4 100w 6500k with them whenever it's time to flower.

    I haven't looked too much into ducting. Would one scrog exhaust (replacing the computer fans) with a passive intake be enough for my grow? Also, I've read a little about LST, any experience with that? Suggestions?
  7. i think ur getting SCROG confused with something else,a SCROG= screen of green basically a screen of mesh above ur plant that u put you branches through to get an even canopy and even spread of light to all bud sites,search on it thers some good info on here about that.

    and are ur light actuall 100w or equivalents? you will need ducting attached to ur carbon filter like this... carbon filter--->ducting--->extractor fan. i cant really answer ur scrog question because i dont no what u what u got tht confused with lol my plants are l.s.t'd heres a very helpfull diagram that i found before i tryd it

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  8. If you get good green out of that setup.

    Your awesome.

  9. My bad! Guess that's my noobness showing : P. By scrog, I meant the ducting+fan+carbon filter exhaust. I guess I got my terminology confused. My lights are 100w equivalents. When did yours start to really smell? I just got back from class (checked it before I left), stuck my head in the box, and could smell a faint smell. I'm not even 3 weeks in yet. I was hoping I'd have until flowering before the smell got bad!

  10. Do you not think it will work? : (
  11. I had some twist ties, so I tied it down a bit trying this LST method. Hope it works well! Thanks for the diagram!

  12. once you have that combo sorted you will have good airfow and the plant will love you for it :) whats the actuall watts on them like 23 or sumin? i noticed around the 3 week mark mayb before she started to smell! you should be ok untill fowering tho thats when the real stink will become a problem without a carbon filter. with l.s.t i forgot to mention u have to secure the main stem to keep it upright,if u pull the top of the plant down without something securing the main stem u could pull the plant out or cause root damage
  13. check out my grow its in the link below and the l.s.t is pictured int ther

  14. They're all 23w (100w equivalent). How did you secure your main stem? I just loosely tied it down, so there isn't too much strain on the plant.
  15. poke a hole in the side of ur pot and use a bit of wire or coathanger to hold it in place,i put a bits of tape on all my ties as a padding for the plant so nothing gets tight and cuts into the plant
  16. Nice! I'm considering getting that TT-100 4" fan you mentioned

    [ame=] Inline Fan TT100 4" 115CFM 2 Speed: Kitchen & Dining[/ame]

    Would I just put my carbon filters on one end of the duct with the exhaust fan pulling it out? Could you put up a picture for me to see how you have yours set up?
  17. Here are some progress photos! :hello: 4 weeks into veg tomorrow. Any opinions? The uppermost leaves have a slight tint of yellow on their tips, but everything else seems perfectly fine. Any ideas on what that may be?

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  18. So I just got the TT100 4'' inline extractor fan in today. It's noticeably loud. Any ideas on how to muffle the sounds?
  19. the plant see so good
    the piture so nice

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