First try at growing, what you think?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by suzuki squid, May 19, 2010.

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    What you think? The box is about 2 1/2 - 3ft tall, and a square, fits nicely in the closest..
    Those are 4 100w 6,500K CFLs in the middle hanging, and on the sides i have an 18" UVB flo that i had for a bearded dragon, and the other is an 18" just reg plant flo.

    I have them in 5 6in brown plastic pots, and the rest i put in cut in half 2 liters.
    The fan is a computer cooling fan, that is constantly on? That ok? or should i run the fan 6 on 6 off or something?








  2. I'm not really familiar with any but cfls but the general rule of the thumb is 100w of cfl light for one plant and 50w for every single other one. I see that you have about 9 plants. I'm not sure of the effectiveness of those lights but more might be needed. The fan is completely fine. I've been keeping it on the timer with my lights and they are getting nice and strong. Good luck and welcome to grass city!
  3. add more cfl light or dump a few plants cause 9 wont fit in that area once they get full anyway and the uvb aint doing any good at all. mj is anti uv it actually repels the rays. constant fan blowing on the leaves 24/7
  4. wouldn't hurt to put some aluminum foil tape around the inside of the box
  5. alunimum create's hot spots bad idea it would be better to take the box out toatlly and just have the white walls and put a small fan on them

  6. I kinda need the box for a couple reasons, one to help keep humitiy in the box, I lay a couple towels over the top where it can't close up all the way, and to keep the light in, so if I have a friend over that I don't want to show them too I can just close the box lid, lay te towels and then close my closet door. If I just had them on the floor without the box and had the lights on and then closed the door. With the lights off in my room to play video games or to watch a movie the light would leak through the door underneath and shit.

    I will probably just grab a little flat white paint and slap some on the inside of the box, coat all the walls and lid flaps a couple times.

    And for the fan, it blows a pretty good breeze right across the top of all the pots, but the plant closest to the fan, the soil drys out fairly quick, maybe I'll just have to water that one a little more.

    And for the UVB, alright thanks, maybe I'll just put in another 18" 6,500k flo, I'm sure they make those right?

    And yeah, the plant are barely an inch tall right now, I hope to grow them all big enough to tell if each one is male or female, I planted about 9-10 just to make sure I'll get at least 3 females.. Then I'll grow those in a box that's twice that size (tall wise) and just get the same box, cut the bottom off and duct tape it to the top of this on, and I'll probably get one or two more y adapters to put 4 more 100w 6,500k cfls in there, and add a couple more fans to the upper box when I get that far.

    More opinions, what you guys think? Im open to any ideas or suggestions, hear to learn.


    Suzuki Squid.
  7. yes do the flat white paint-- latex type. your doing good. practice - read stickys,,and practice your grow.:smoke:
  8. for about 30 bucks at a home depot or hardware store, you can get some weather stripping to put where your door and closet meet. I COMPLETELY lightproofed my closet. but good luck with your girls

  9. good idea, and since i clock in there (hd) in about 45 min, i might as well pick my up some on my lunch hour. haha.

    any other opinions of the setup, do's or dont's, constructive criticism?


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