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First trip to Cali, got me some medical

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Michael J Fox, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. Nit the best pic, and not exactly the best bud, but I love it here. Heres the San Fernando Valley OG I had my dude pick up from the dispensary. He had some cred tbere or something, $30 for a quarter, a free pretty nice joint of mids, and a free rice crispy treat.

    I'm moving here. 8)

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  2. nice man, wish i could live in cali. (i'm from hawaii)
    just wondering, how much do you pay /g for mid grade cannabis?
    sad to say, i'm getting ripped the fuck off by my dealer lol. :( :smoke:
  3. I don't know how much it is here, but back in Ohio I pay about 35 an eighth for mids
  4. Hah, you're gettin ripped off. I'm in Ohio, it's $5 a gram all day here for some middies. $25-30/Quarter, $50-55/Half, etc.

  5. LMAO :hello:
  6. I'm in a pretty rural area though and there's no local growers selling. I can get in cheaper than that but most guys I go to that's the price. People tax heavy because they go into the city to get it and it's one hell of a drive.

  7. wow just the other day I bought half an O of some good green mids for 30$
  8. the first time i bought weed, it was like $20/g. But my brother has weed at home all the time and I know how much a gram should be, and it was like half a fucking GRAM :mad:
    I just let it go cause I got a scale now

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