First trip is gonna be alone

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  1. So i finally got myself some shrooms, about 1.75 g's It's in a bag, and consists of 5 caps and like 3 2" long stems.

    So here's what i plan. when my grandma goes to sleep, i'm gonna pull an all nighter in my room. I already have an ipod playlist set up, that i'll just put on shuffle and listen to :)

    this is my first real pyscadelic trip. any last tips for me? I've come to you guys for good vibes, because i like the people on this forum more than i like most of my friends (no...seriously...).
  2. As long as there's nothing in your life currently that's giving you a lot of negative stress, you should be fine. Wash them down with orange juice if you can. Citrus has been found to help potentiate the effects of the shrooms. This is through bioassay done by many shroomers.

    Some people really don't like the texture and text of chewing on the shrooms. Putting them in between crackers or stuff like oreos or peanut butter cookies will help mask the texture and taste as well.

    Tripping alone is all good. You have a lot of time to yourself for introspection, chillin, and doing whatever else you like to do. If things start to get too intense, the best thing to do is just lay down, relax, and put in some headphones. Also, smoking bud helps calm you down on a trip. My thought behind this is that the high is something comfortable and familiar that helps you get your mind back on track.
  3. My thoughts exactly.

    But yeah, tripping alone is pretty fun. you don't have to worry about dumbasses flipping out, you can do what you want when you want, etc. Just remember, ITS ALL IN YOUR HEAD. If you feel like its getting really intense and you start to have a bad trip, put on some happy music and just lay back with your eyes closed. Plus the closed eye visuals should be amazing :hello:
  4. damn, im jealous. :smoking:
  5. One thing i was curious about. I will be in pretty much complete darkness (as it will be around 1ish).

    Will this ruin a trip? i gonna be bored if i can't see the things around me?
  6. I, personally, have the best visuals in dimmer lighting. Even the light from a computer monitor or TV to light up a room is probably enough to get cool visuals going. I wouldn't want it to be completely dark or that dark. I usually turn on a small desk lamp and turn it against a wall so I have soft, ambient lighting. However, shrooms can also provide very intense close-eyed visuals that are out of this world. For your open eye visuals, anything with repetitive patterns or lines, carpet, rough textures or rectangular objects tend to produce some cool effects.
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    Some of my best/most challenging trips have been on 4g in the dark.

    At such a low dose I think you should definitely keep the lights on for a bit, and then turn them off suddenly to 'trick' your brain. When it no longer has anything to process by sight you can usually get some pretty neat visuals
  8. Thank you everyone :smoking:

    send some positive vibes my way
  9. Mos def, my brother! Let me load up a bowl for you now. :hello: Got any particular activities planned for the night? Also, if you like Pandora(.com), definitely check it out while tripping, too. I've had some of the most amazing experiences just laying back, putting on some Sennheiser's, and listening to Pandora.
  10. Just gonna lay back and listen to music. Let the tunes flow over my soul. Smoke cigs and toke bud :smoking:
  11. sounds fine as long as ur in a positive mood and such. Just make sure u have some bud, it really enhances the shroom trip and gets it started.
  12. Sounds good. Also, some people get stomach upset from digesting shrooms, which sometimes depends on the method of ingestion. I know I get stomach upset unless I go through the work of doing something with them. Don't worry about puking. If you chewed your shrooms very thoroughly to the point where you're digesting them in your mouth, too, then puking won't cause the trip to stop. You'll usually be tripping by the time you puke (if you do). Just let yourself puke and it'll be much better. And it feels sooooo much better afterwards if you do happen to puke.
    My favorite time of blazing is on the comedown. It's up to you when you smoke though. Just let the trip happen. Once it starts up, I'm sure you'll have it under control. A half eighth shouldn't be any trouble at all.
  13. definitely good vibes going your way man.

    A half eighth of shrooms will still have you good man.

    First (and only) time I've done shrooms I started off with half an eighth and it got pretty intense for a while, but there was some crazy shit going on. Then I ate the other half the eighth a few hours after, and then I went off with 3 chicks who are like... kinda annoying sometimes. Short version, me on first time shrooms went with 3 annoying chicks to a Halloween store where they tried on outfits, then pat land to look to puppies, and then chucky cheeses. Wasn't fun at all, haha. but I went off by myself and had a lot of inner though and introspection. Crazy shit, definitely worth it man. If you're in your own domain and feel comfortable with the shit you set-up around you happening, nothing better.

    I'd try and get a SNES emulator downloaded with some Mario Bros. ready man. Or if you got an xbox 360 put on the visualizer to some of your favorite music. I recommend listening to Easy Star All Stars at some point. They're a reggae band that did an enitre cover of Dark Side of the Moon in reggae and shit, and it just fits so well in.

    Good luck on the trip man, good vibes.
  14. Sorry to break it to you, but you usually need about 3g+ of shrooms to have a real trip.

    If you do start tripping though, enjoy yourself.
  15. that is a perfect dose for your first trip :). When i shroom i have these sudden "urges" and i always like to fulfill them "within reason of course." I prefer music to be more ambient and in the background, but thats just me. If possible go for a walk, if your feeling up to it. Your first time the "coming up" can be quite confusing but once you have peaked you may feel alot better, just realize the anxiety will go away if you want it to.

    -If you dont know the general outline go on erowid and see the lasting outline under effects sections so you know about where your at for reference.

    - talking on forums, or to close friends over things such as myspace is nice because it kind of comforts me.

    -always remember any scary things you see are just the shrooms and you have no reason to worry

    -If you need to pee, pee, if you must drink drink etc.

    - Dont eat too heavily that day, but dont starve yourself as well

    -Good vibes!! and most important have fun!

    hope your trip goes well, best of luck!

    ~Mushie :wave:
  16. ALSO: if you have a pet play with it.. this is very comforting and fun :)
  17. what do you got on the playlist?
  18. pink floyd, zero 7, grateful dead, beatles, opera music, sublime, led zepplin. you know, the good shit.

  19. i just had to say i love your sig, chi............

    just chillax and have fun dude. if you have any animals, play with them. i would personally find a close friend and talk to them because you will really feel like you're reaching out to them. have fun!
  20. haha are you trippin right now??

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