First to say: HAPPY 4/20 <333

Discussion in 'General' started by 7SixtyToker, Apr 20, 2006.

  1. just wanted to say its that time again!!:hello: :smoking: :smoking: what u guys have planned????[​IMG]
  2. That is sweet fucking blunt... I want to roll a long skinny like that.
  3. I think it would be smarter to cut it into sections. It won't smoke very well like that.

    Just my .02Cents
  4. Technically it should be 420 in europe.
  5. I'm going to just stay home all day and smoke. Sucks I only have enough bud for tomorrow so I couldn't smoke today:(. But its all good, CUZ IT'S 4/20.

    Sorry but I have to say this - 4/20 All Day, Everyday:hello:
  6. happy 4/20 all on gc, enjoy your day!:hello:
  7. still gotta hour over here in central time zone. one more reason i hate living in texas.
  8. YEA!!!

    Have a good one GC, 12:10 AM on 4/20, i started smoking at 12 abd im baked already lol
  9. happy 420, just celebrated:smoke:
  10. 2 more hours here, still. :( Oh well...don't have a stash anyway.

    I have to wait til friday. Thats what sucks about where I work. I don't get my paycheck til after 5 pm tomorrow, and all the banks are closed then. BOOOO!

    Friday I get to play with me new Vap and some dankity dank. :)

    HAPPY 4/20!
  11. i only got 5.6g's left but its cool cuz im rollin a 2 g blunt to start the day off and so is everyone else 4 people

    so 4, 2 gram blunts
    then rippin the bong all day
  12. +rep for saying dankity dank.
  13. Haha I just smoked a fat ass bowl at exactly 12am 4/20 lol im hiiiigh
  14. taking the last few hits of my midnight bowl now :smoking:
  15. one more hour where im at ahhhhhhhhh i cant wait
  16. It's been a while since I've been around here, but i'm not gonna fuckin' miss out on grasscity on 420. Happy 420 everyone :)
  17. Aaaaahh...I want some weed.

    Atleast I'm got a good buzz going from some tasty brew. Fat Tire Amber Ale all the way. :)
  18. unfortunately my 4/20 wont be so happy,,i dont get my check till 1 day after 4/20 so im going to have no weed tomorrow:( im gunna have to just mooch of my Homies:p
  19. 12:22 in my parts... I'm baked out of my mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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