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First Timers High!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Del1ght, May 22, 2010.

  1. Ok, so last night me and my friend rolled up are swisher blunt and then today (a hour after we woke up) we went and smoked the blunt. At first it was fine, harsh to the lungs, some mild burn coughs, it was shwagg and i have had hits from a bong (2 babby hits) witch didn't get me high but more of a slight buzz. Now half thes blunt got me high maybe after 10 min of smoking it (big hits) and at first just got a little distracted and thinking more than i peaked felt un-sober and their was like 3 different parts of reality like the real one witch was minimal one with a semi-thinking out of reality, and a deep no reality zone, it was awesome, and everything way so cool and interesting, time slowed slightly, you say everything you think, come up with better jokes, and have instant reaction with minimal yet deep thinking. It brought a new dreaming like world, like i was in a dream or person in a tv show. I got a nice relaxing feel like i could accomplish anything.

    Really all of you know it and then i said it with a chuckle "I think I'm high."

  2. Yep sounds like a first timer's high to me.

    Next step, work on not saying EVERYTHING you think.
  3. I say you better Enjoy these first tokes

  4. Ye, it sure does :hello:
    First time I blazed, I said EVERYTHING that popped into my head. Everything.
  5. i hate when people give you crap for being goofy and annoying when high, the whole point is to get retarded. for some reason i always feel like im the highest in the group and bothering everybody. but maybe thats just cause im self concious.

  6. I give people crap for being goofy and annoying regardless of what state they are in. Being a little silly is expected, but if you are annoying then there is a problem.

    And for a lot of people the point is not "to get retarded". Different people smoke for different reasons, and most of us don't like people that act like annoying fools. They aren't fun to be around, and they make the rest of us look bad.

  7. different tokes for different blokes i guess

  8. Exactly.
  9. Ye, if I ever smoke with anyone, I usually wonder if Im the highest. Ive learned to not say anything though :p.
  10. I do that too sometimes. I think alot of people do that.
  11. Bahaha, that was your mind playing you. Jokes man. in life, you CAN accomplish anything, you just to put your mind and yourself to it.
  12. Omg I've never really thought about it, but I did say everything that popped into my head my first time. I love hearing about people's first high, we should get more posts like this.
  13. this one time i smoked with my friend and this other dude that we went to school with and man that man got so annoying and paranoid. we hotboxed in my car parked in the street but we have never seen a cop go by so we told that man to relax but that man was freaking out for some reason even though he had smoked before i hate people like that didnt shut the hell up till he passed out lol
  14. Dude totally agree on that, the stuff I say when I'm high is usually highly offensive and/or absolutley ridiculous. I'm so racist against everyone when I'm high.

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