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First timer

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Kronik352, Aug 27, 2019.

  1. This is my first REAL attempt at an edible.....decarbed and then grinded up about 1.3 grams of homegrown....decarbed for 40 mins at 240.....mixed with melted butter.....and re-heated butter in micro 15 seconds.....twice. then threw it in the packet of gonna eat about half and then wait....wish me luck!

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  2. Thanks @BrassNwood for helping me! He told me different amounts for the flowers.....but I NEVER EVER I went with a bit more than might should have....we will all see in a bit with how my posts start coming out! :lmafoe:
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  3. I am feeling a bit tired.....KINDA buzz headed but not what I was looking for by any Im going in for more.....
  4. Ive bough so many edibles from the delivery services near me and fckin never once did i even get a buzz from that shit. I ate about 3/4 of a 400mg brownie before i gave up, it really did not taste that great. Company was Baked Edibles in Canada.
  5. Pretty strong to eat 1,3g in one go lol. See how it goes! Normally takes me two hours before it hits hard

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  6. I have tried other homemade edibles with no I wanted to try this myself and see....I REALLY REALLY wanna be able to enjoy edibles!

    Update.......still feeling just a bit "heavy eyed" but other than that....nada gonna give it time
  7. I was JUST about to come on here and post again....STILL not feeling anything.....but I sat back and closed my eyes and just sat there like I was about to meditate or something......and realized I AM stoned......pretty good too!!...but its like a 95% BODY body is VEERY HEAVY..:lmafoe:

    It feels very back is ALWAYS tight as I have back problems from the Marine Corps...but it feels loooose right now... very weird for it to fell that feels like something is missing....haha

    Its NOTHING mental...allllllll I AM stoned....just all body....and I have about 1/5 of it left.
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  8. Welcome to the party!

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  9. No update? lol

    must be nappin!! -_-

  10. Skip a couple of days to a week and try again at twice the dose.
    Nobody hits a homerun the first few tries. I'd rather you undershot then over.
    Sooner of later you'll go way over and you'll understand why we caution.
    You may be like myself and need a extra healthy amount to get a real humdinger of a ride.

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  11. Sounds good BNW....will do.

    Update: It never really changed for me.....had a decent body relaxing "buzz" going there for a while...but never a head high....I am gonna take BNW's advice and try again in a few days or so.
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  12. Try hash caps next you’ll never go back.
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  13. All I ever get is sleepy as well.

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