First timer x4 Autos compost organic closet grow

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  1. Gday to all the organic indoor growers!
    I will be presenting my very recent first closet grow with very likely many questions to follow!
    I have done as many research as I could with the budget available to me as well as some potential unrealistic expectations with all of the incredible growers out there.

    The ladies are now 2weeks, germinated in the medium ( 2 days to pop out )

    With no further due here we have:
    - x2 Amesia Haze Auto
    - x1 Northen light Auto
    - x1 Blueberry Auto

    Set up:
    - 60'x24' closet
    - KingPlus 1200w
    - humidifier
    - oscilate heater + x1 thermostat control
    - x1 oscilate fan + x1 fixed fan for fresh air intake.
    - 10L fabric pot

    Day temp: 25c
    Night Temp : 20c
    RH : 60% on average
    Lights: 18/6

    Medium: ( from )
    · 3 parts coco
    · 3 parts home made compost
    · 2 parts perlite, pre-wet
    · 1 part vermiculite, pre-wet

    it seems to me that they are quite late compared to many other journals I have seen... any feedbacks are welcome! Eager to learn

    Week 1:
    W1 AMH1.jpg W1 AMH2.jpg W1 BBY.jpg W1 NTL.jpg
    Week 2:
    W2 .jpg W2 AMH2.jpg W2 BBY.jpg W2 NTH.jpg
  2. looking good

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  3. Hi there growers!

    I have a couple of questions:

    - I have been trying to figure out the optimum light distance which was at 76cm for an average or 200umol for the seedling in full spectrum. however seeing how tight they are I raised it to 100cm. What do you think?

    - I am worried about the very slow growth. They don't seem to be showing any external stress sign. I am aware they are suppose to develop roots at this point. However I am not sure what could cause the 4 of them to be that slow ( again comparing to most other grow journals ).

    Thank you to all for your time!!!
  4. Miss-counted the days, here they are at day 14. Not sure about why they have been stunned for so long.

    W2.2 AMH1.jpg W2.2 AMH2.jpg W2.2 BBY.jpg W2.2 NTH.jpg

    Barely any changes in size or new growth.

    Conditions haven't changed.

    Noticing light green new growth.

    Hypothesis 1 : original slight underwater
    Hypothesis 2 : could it be the compost?
    Hypothesis 3 : roots are still developing and I am thinking too much.

    As the plants are not stretching I moved the light further away to force them to however no changes.
  5. For a 3rd week .... was about time to see some movement ... for being stunned for more than a week so early in the seedling stage some of them are looking fairly healthy aren't they?

    AMH1.1.jpg AMH1.jpg AMH2.jpg BBY.jpg NTH.jpg

    Feeling pretty confident now the problem was created by the very hot medium due to the inappropriate compost / medium preparation.

    However I cannot see any signs of burn ....

    What do you all think ?
  6. I think your relative humidity of 60% might cause some problems come flower time. Just saying.
  7. When comes flower I'll lower the humidity to the adequate level ;)

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