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    Highya good folk :smoke:! humongous noob checking in <3 I'm currently in the process of planning my very first grow, but I have some slight issues understanding the basics.. I think.. at least.. well first of;

    I've been drooling like a rere over some growing vids at lately, like ->clicky<- and I have a couple of questions.

    what tha balls do they mean with N-PK-Micro ratio? say a N-PK-Micro ratio of 2-1-1 ? what exactly is it a ratio of? the nutrients of course. but with the minor knowledge I have I cant make heads or tails of it. say I was using the GH product line, how would I mix it? 50% nitrogen- 12,5% phosphate- 12,5% potassium- 25% ??? Should I even bother or just follow the Lucas formula for coco ? I'm so confused :p

    Pre-growing? what's that? I guess it kinda explains itself, but how does it work? do you just keep the plant at veg for another 17 days? do you repot to the flower pot but keep it at 18/6 for 17 days before switching to 12/12?:confused:

    In a 120x120x200cm (4x4x6.5) grow-tent with a 600w HPS, coco with a Blumat-Tropf Maxi drip system, how big pots should I use? I hear smart-pots go hand in hand with coco? should I stick to 1 plant, or would up to 4 or more be better, yield vise?

    do I 'need' a 600w MH as well, how big an improvement would it be to have a MH instead of a HPS for vegging ?

    when my first plant is about to go into flowering, can I take clones from it and keep them in a veg state for 8-10 weeks under a CFL without them growing too big for my tent ?
    the thought is to have a clone ready to be placed in the tent as soon as the first one is harvested, minimizing the wait.

    I'm sorry if my terminology is fubar I'm all new to this, but eager to learn : ]
  2. Hi,

    Firstly the NPK ratio is the ratio of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. You will need more N fpr vegging and more P and K for flowering. This goes into further detail for nutrients The Green Pages - Watering and Nutrients.

    Preflowering is when a plant shows signs of sex. This can happen before you reduce lighting to 12/12 but it does not mean flowering. It happens when a plant is mature. Buds will inly start to develop when you switch to 12/12. Repot whenever you like, although I generally repot to its final container a couple of days before I switch to 12/12.

    MH is a blue spectrum light which helps for vegging. Blue light can help stem and leaf growth. You will be perfectly happy using HPS for vegging, but if you want use a MH. SOme people swear by MH for vegging.

    You can take clones just before flowering. If you take them after flowering it's much harder for them to develop roots and have a smaller chance of survival. If they do survive it will take much longer anyway.
  3. thank you very much kind sir :)

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