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  1. I have been meaning to plant some trees for some time. I have checked a lot of guides about it but some raised more questions and some didn't include answers to some of my questions.

    I am thinking of planting a feminized auto Blue Mystic (I would like to hear your opinion about it) since I've read that it doesn't smell that much, it doesn't grow tall and that it's pretty tasty. My budget is limited and it's pretty low so I am doing everything I can to lower any cost which I know will decrease my yield but it's a sacrifice I'm willing to make.

    I was thinking of not getting nutrients for my Auto, since it will cost me more and I dont have that kind of money, but instead use ash from cigarettes and maybe some leftover foods (vegetables, fruits etc.). I had the idea of ash from someone who grows but I am really not sure about it and if it would do some bad to the plant.

    And now about the lighting. I am going with CFL bulbs, they are not the best option for lighting but I have heard it's enough for beginners and for 1 tree. But my question is how many and how many Watts? I saw many guides had a lot of opinions about the amount of bulbs. Would 2 bulbs of 50-60W suffice or should I use like 3-4? (1 tree at a time). I also read something about switching daylight bulbs with cold ones (or something like that). Is that necessary in Autos? And what cycle should I use? I was thinking of 18/6 from seed to harvest.

    That's it. I am sorry for the long read and maybe stupid questions and I appreciate each and every advice you guys can give me. And maybe if I get the seeds I can start a journal in this awesome community.
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  2. Hey welcome to grasscity , I can tell you that most of your questions can be answered in guides on the site but for the sake of time I'll answer what I can. Feminized autos are okay for what you want (low odor , low height) but if your doing a low budget grow all the way though then get some viable bagseeds and adjust the plant to your needs, don't worry too much about strain (though it helps to know at least indica, sativa, and/or ruderalis). No fruit and vegetable leftovers if you want to remain cost effective and not do an organic grow with worms even then i still wouldn't use leftovers or anything extra moldable, ashes are fine in a soil medium. If your growing indoors you need to provide nutrients and the best nutes for your buck can be organic but synthetics are usual easier to find/use and cheaper. For 1 tree at a seedling 1-2 23w cfl's at 6400k (blue) spectrum are fine. Autos I believe are more for breeders and people who want a little quicker bud even though some are quite potent the weed will usual be stronger if indica/sativa instead of sativa/ruderalis or[SIZE=13.63636302948px] indica[/SIZE][SIZE=13.63636302948px]/ruderalis.[/SIZE]
  3. ive grown blue Mystic from nirvana seeds ,,,nice plant and good smoke ,but that was just fem seed not like to see an auto B/mystic grow just out of intserest,,,,,,luck..mac
  4. Anything cigarette is bad, including the ash ( it's not near as clean as one would think ).
  5.  You said for 1 tree at a seedling. Does that mean that I will have to get more and with a different spectrum?
  6. Yes you need at least  200W of Cfl  for a full 3-4 week veg at 6400k then time to switch to flowering and get a 2400k (red) spectrum light preferably for best bud get a hps 400-1000 watt.
  7. I can't go for a hps. It costs a lot and the heat is going to be a problem. + I am a student and the electricity bill goes straight to my parent's house  so they are going to notice something. What happens if I get only on type of CFL spectrum? And what if I just get like 4 bulbs of 24W. Many say that 100W for one tree is enough.
  8. If you only get one spectrum get 2700k and watts dont matter as much as lumens. I think 5000 per plant is good but a little under isnt bad as ong as you keep the whole plant lit up
    Is there any way to measure lumens? I mean many sites don't say how many lumens they have on their lamps. And if I go to a local store with lamps and ask, will they understand why I am asking for that type of bulb? (I live in a small town so I would like to avoid going to a local store if they are going to know why).
  10. I only buy lights that say it on the box. I'm using these right now could be similar to yours. You shouldnt have to talk to anyone but if you do say you prefer soft white or whatevr its called

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  11. Idk why that was upside down and two of the same pics haha
    Anyway the most efficient light will have highest lumens per watt ratio. Just divide the watts by lumens and you'll know:)
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    I actually found a place to buy. 65W with 3400 Lumen 6400K (spectrum I believe). Would I be okay if I bought this one and one with the other spectrum and just have them both from seed to harvest?
  13. Yes and no. Two lights will be enough to grow it but you will suffer in flower because the plant only buds where its a few inches from the light and the 6500 isnt necessary. Does that make any sense? I confused my self a bit haha. Maybe get a big 6500k and 2700k and a pack of 4 pack of cheaper 2700s to surround it. Youll more than make your money back when you dont havr to buy weed anymore
  14.  Here are my thoughts. Since I couldnt find a bulb with 2700k that has so many lumens as the 6500k I am thinking of getting the big 6500k which is 3400 Lumens and have it a above the plant and get 2 or 3 small bulbs for the 2700k of 800 Lumens each put in desk lamps in the ground and surrounding the plant. It's in total 5800 lumens coming from all sides. Is it gonna work from seed to harvest? I also plan on having no ventilation except from the open door of the closet and if it still gets too hot I might get a small fan. (Sorry for bothering you that much)
  15. That sounds like success to me. Keeping the door open or cracked when the lights are on should work too as long as its not too hot but flies can lay eggs in your soil and eat all your roots(just happened to me:( ) someone told me to put a layer of sand over the topsoil so they can't get in it. Its no bother I'm just glad ive read up a lot on cfls and can share the knowledge

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