first timer is my set up ok

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  1. so i got a 8in pot for my plant 2 100w cfl daylights 4 100w cfl soft whites. im hangin the daylights at like 45 degrees down on the top of the plant on both sides and im using the soft whites for side lighting. i bought some expert gardner perfect mix all purpose potting soil. im not build a grow box or anything i just gonna grow in a spare bed room is that cool? or am i doin something wrong
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    You don't need a box to grow in, a spare bedroom works fine. For me, I wanted to grow in a box because of the added security/stealth/evironment control. If those are not issues for you, then a pot in the middle of a bedroom with some lights hanging down will work fine.

    Regarding your CFL's. Are they actually all 100 watts? Or are they 100watt incandescent equiv? CFL's that use 100 'real' watts are going to be pretty expensive. If you paid $6-$12/each for them, they're probably the 26watt CFL's. 2x 26 watt CFL's for one plant will be fine for vegging. 4x 26w CFL's will be fine for flowering.

    If you do decide to add plants, a good rule of thumb to follow with your lights is to keep at least 100 real watts for your first plant, and then at least 50 real watts for each additional plant. Remember REAL watts - not incandescent equiv wattage.

    EDIT: There are lots of stickies in the absolute beginnings and indoor growing sections. Even if you think they do not apply to you, it will only benefit you to read them all.
  3. yeah it was the 26w-100w cfls i got 2 pack for like 10$ but everything should go pretty smooth then thanx
  4. you also must realize that cfl's are not known to produce the best buds possible, so hid lighting is always best, so use the cfls if you have to, but hid is the way to go.
  5. HID's do produce nice and heavy buds. However, unless you're going 250+ watts, there is really no advantage to use HID over CFL for flowering. See this thread for more detail.

    When it comes to seedlings, clones, and vegging, CFL's are awesome.
  6. ok so i went to homedepot i looked at the 400w hps they had for 22 bucks but i couldnt fine the ballast for it so i bought 2 more 26w daylight cfls and a 64w soft white cfl so maybe i can grow 2 or 3 beans now
  7. alright so i totally rethought my grow......i got one of those big square plastic totes from gonna fill it about 1/2 or 3/4 with my soil.. i got 4 26w cfls with 2 deflectors and those things that let u put to bulbs in 1 reflector..i gonna clip those on the side of the tote and i got one of those flex lights im gonna put a 68w cfl in directly over the top off the gonna try to LST it around the inside of the big tote thats why i decided to upgrade from the 8in pot. ill get some pics up on here soon and moves this to the grow journal section
  8. aight i just pick up some more lights the more the better right.. so now i have 4 27w.... 2 26w.... 4 23w.... and 1 68w for a grand total of 320w of cfl that should do my lady pretty good.:hello:

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